The War for Talents is particularly IT-Sector fought hard. Good Developer are in demand and are contacted by countless recruiters every day. Important here: the right address. 7 tips.

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1. Stake out the requirements and search, search, search

A survey shows: 65 percent of all developers consider e-mails to be a suitable means of drawing their attention to new jobs. High time that Recruiter know what is important!

The first step in finding Candidates is the question of your own needs:

2. Use networks for research

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When researching can Business-Networks can be a good source of information, but services like Github or Stack Overflow Developer Story are also very valuable when looking for candidates.

They show the programmers' projects and what skills they have, which is worth more than the mere names of the universities or professional stations. This also makes the most important point possible: The Recruiting-E-mails can also be personalized with the right key data and topics.

3. Personalized address trumps mass mail - always!

The most important thing about this message is the subject line, personal address and transparency. The subject is the ticket to the Attention of the candidate.

Those who do not win attention at the beginning have bad cards. A very good subject line briefly and succinctly reflects what the offer contains and mentions individual information about the candidate. The following examples show a bad and a good subject line:

4. The main text: Do you know the projects of your preferred candidate?

The main text should not be too long and must definitely show that the recruiter has dealt with the career and the knowledge of the developer.

5. Know projects, show transparency

In addition, research results from other sources of information can be included and addressed openly. This shows that the recruiting expert has looked at the developer's work, dealt with the candidate and that that Company works transparently.

This mail will be even more transparent and probably more successful if it is already a basis for negotiation salary indicate and a sentence or two about corporate culture and the new Team is written. Maybe there's a link to a video from a conference presentation, a meetup, or the company? That should also go into the eMail, So the developer can assess whether he wants to face this new challenge or not and saves frustration on both sides.

6. Correction loops are the adornment of any recruiting mail

You can not say it often enough: Proofreading is incredibly important. In the heat of the moment and hectic everyday work, it can happen that grammatical or spelling mistakes are made.

This leaves a stale aftertaste in the recipient. At the same time, everyone must Marketing-Buzzwords, embellishing adjectives, jargon and phrases are deleted. These are mostly empty phrases that take up space and, in the worst case, cause distrust because it is too promotional.

7. Use templates

Of course, for recruitingEmails templates are used. They are great for making a Structure to specify, which then have to be adapted for the candidates.

A good structure is for example:

Hello [NAME], I noticed that you are doing a very interesting job at [COMPANY / INDUSTRY]. Above all, I am impressed that you are doing [CURRENT PROJECT / INDUSTRY]. Our company [NAME OF THE COMPANY] is currently looking for someone like you: with [ABILITIES / EXPERIENCES] you could be exactly the right person and [MEANING / CONTRIBUTION TO THE COMPANY]. The scope of duties includes work on [CONCERT TASKS / DAY BUSINESS]. I would be glad if we could speak to it personally and best still the [CTO or COMPARATIVE POSITION] bring along. We could get to know each other and answer any questions directly. Let me know if you are interested and available. Sincerely, [YOUR NAME]

This template should be individually adapted and equipped with thoroughly researched cornerstones and a personal reference.

This is how you can enter directly Conversation start and the candidate realizes how much value is placed on his work and person. That certainly convinces candidates more than a foosball table or beanbags in the office.

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