We invite you to a spectacular experiment. But please only do this if you can really endure the pure reality and are strong - very strong: If you take the train or bus to work tomorrow - lift your eyes from your smartphone and look at the others People around you. Yes! There are people. And see if they really look happy. Do the experiment on a Monday and you won't see many people smiling. “The Return of the Monday Zombies” might be an appropriate headline here. Of course I don't mean you - but everyone else on the bus...

Career collapse

Service is service ...

It's also normal. After all, these people drive to work – and work is just – work. After all, we learned from childhood: "Service is service and schnapps is schnapps". This old folk wisdom wants to state that both sides - Job and free time – clear has to separate.

That may have been possible in the past, but today it is pure utopia for most people. You can often be reached in the evening until you fall asleep and in the morning the first glance is not at the smart person on the other side of the bed, but at the smart phone on the bedside table. Also, we all only have one Brain and take it home from work - and with it the worries and pending work.

Finally do something “meaningful”

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In my role as Training I meet many people around 40 who come to me and say that they have actually achieved a lot in their job - but now want to do something "meaningful". I often ask why you work. Most of them answer indignantly or unsure, because after all you Money to earn must... Sure. We all have to.

But the money is actually only the result of it. Why don't we learn anywhere that what you do every day for eight to twelve hours, too Fun could do? Yes I know. This statement is "dangerous" because now many would immediately say that it is not light and after all, life is not a pony farm - but rather a labour-intensive pig farm.

Resigned for a long time

And yet I ask you: If you could choose completely freely: What would you like to work every day? Many, very many people have no ready answer. Not because the question is impossible to answer, but rather because this important question (probably one of the most important Ask at all) thought.

We never took any time for it. Have resigned to us with the condition as it is. We usually do not force us to do this work every day, and we'll probably be able to defend ourselves.

Why are you working?

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What does it take to discover this important secret? Time, a pad of paper, a pen and tea (wine is an alternative). Further questions for this session would be:

I know this sounds very mundane. And perhaps because it sounds so banal, few people take time for it ...

Call of duty

We learn in our Educationthat we have to do something to get something. money fame, recognition. That's not bad - because they're all beautiful things. But we rarely question why we do what we do. And that's exactly what has worked over the years.

We like going to work less and less, commit ourselves less and less - give up and end up with DNV (work to rule). Many are sticking with it – but more and more people are also starting to search… for that Sinn – and completely redefine their careers. With new ones priorities. sense based.

Popular guiding principles

Let's go back to the companies. There are often beautifully framed mission statements hanging in the aisles – primarily in the entrance area, since that is where most of them are customers really perceive. And often, very often, one reads absolutely interchangeable sentences like: “The Employees are our focus”, “We are customer-oriented” or “We are innovative and tradition-conscious and stand for quality”. Nice.

If I ask 10 employees at a time what values ​​are in “their” mission statement, you will unfortunately very often see that they are rather pathetic images – because the employees have no idea what is written on this framed glossy paper. In very few guiding principles is it written what the meaning of the Company is. Again, I don't mean to make money - as I said, that's just the result of it. If you can communicate the meaning - to employees and customers, that's the ideal case. An "ideal case" that is near Future must become the “normal”.

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