As unsatisfactory as it may sound: sometimes the last option simply consists of the triangle harm, self-protection and consequences.


The frustrating triad

  1. Damage limitation: What can you do to minimize imminent damage to the company, for example no longer give certain employees top customers?
  2. Self-protection: Ask yourself: What is my role in history? Is it my job to motivate this employee? Or do I encounter a natural limit here, because the employee vehemently opposes an influence? The admission of your own limits, after the usual options have been exhausted, can be your last rescue before the burn-out.
  3. Showing the consequences: We have to pay a price for everything we do. If the employee in question shows a mushy face and thus expresses his dissatisfaction, he is consciously or unconsciously pursuing an intention: he wants to show you how dissatisfied he is. The obvious consequence of this intention on your part could be: “Message arrived. Why is?"

Without transport, no transport

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On the other side of the coin is the price for the Employees: If you are not able to deal with crises appropriately, you need not expect a promotion.

In negative mood will affect that Team affect what we do in the Projects will probably not make much headway today.

Break the devil's circle

Provided customers– or client contact, the bad mood will also affect them, which can lead to vicious circles: customers or clients are dissatisfied, complain, the mood gets even worse, and so on.

In order to break this vicious circle, you must not stick to indirect damage limitation by an employee no longer getting important customers, but must show the consequences by clarifying in a factual tone what the price is Behavior of the employee costs.

What motivates employees?

But what's behind that grumpy face? Why was this employee annoyed? What didn't go with his plan? Around Ask to answer it is important to explore what motivated him and which ones needs were not fulfilled.

Run a first open Conversation, in which your Set match your employee's goals. The procedure of a Balanced Scorecard turned out to be very practicable in that the levels Finance, dealing with customers/clients, personal development and internal processes are harmonized with each other. This is linked to key figures that show whether and how goals have been achieved.

Clarification steps before damage limitation

If the goals are not achieved, please clarify the reasons. To what extent was the responsibility of the employee and to what extent not? How can you help him reach the common goals next time?

Give yourself an ultimatum of content and time before proceeding to the limitation of the damage so as not to fall into the adaptation trap. The ultimatum helps you to determine the content and time as objectively as possible, based on the key figures from the Balanced Scorecard, whether and when and how the expected performance was achieved.

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