At Bits & Pretzels in Munich, Barack Obama spoke about gender equality, among other things. Men need to learn to listen better Executives to become active. Is it really that simple?

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Barack Obama - that's how he thinks about women at work

For Barack Obama, it's simple: "As a leader, you have to Problem and then make appropriate decisions,” he said at the Bits & Pretzels start-up festival in Munich.

And further: “Men always think they know what they are talking about, even if they have no idea, Women are much more reserved, so you have to encourage them.” When asked how his male Employees Obama just said, "I told them to shut up and listen."

Women - do they just want to have too little career?

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In fact, it's actually not quite as simple as one would like from politicians. Because it can often be observed that women are not the first to say “Here!” yell when it comes to a new task Workplace goes.

Men, on the other hand, are said to be more bold, daring and have a higher tolerance for risk, which means that they are designed for assertiveness Society often made the bigger career leaps.

Is the feel-good factor more important for women?

Women, on the other hand, are said to have a more emotional relationship to work; according to the common doctrine of many experts, it is supposedly more important to them than to feel comfortable Money zu to earn. I only partially agree.

Because on the one hand I had an exciting one just last week Conversation on the subject of returning to work around the age of 50 and the question of why women are in this Age generally trust too little.

Modesty prevents women from advancing

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On the other hand, just on the train, on the way home from the Obama event, I came across a very successful example, like some People (usually actually men in my experience), even turning defeats into victories:

A young man on the train reported on the phone about a musical audition - and why it hadn't been taken. His statement: "I've played better than ever in my life, but the level was so blatantly high." I have never heard a similar euphemistic statement from a woman.

5 career tips for women

That is partly why it is so for sure with the women themselves, their careers and Finance into your own hands gain weight. 5 tips:

  1. Look more at the money and negotiate: Study results suggest that men are more concerned about making money, while women are more likely to feel at work. Allegedly, 25 percent of women have never negotiated their salary. This may also be related to the traditional role of men as a family breadwinner, but in fact this is the first step for women to make a difference here: looking for a job, even better choosing a career, looking straight at the money, actively demanding a good pay and ask for regular salary increases later in the job as well.
  2. Do not decide too timidly: Men often decide quickly and without hesitation, women weigh when they have a chance, so the advantages and disadvantages are more important. That is why they are less committed to their own interests and are more willing to compromise, which is not always to their advantage. Therefore: Just take risks and “No!” say - the effect of no as a career booster is often underestimated anyway.
  3. Set goals and have visions: For many people, not women, your goals are inaccurate and blurry. But anyone who wants to do everything possible to achieve a goal, must make clear where he wants to go. After all, success depends essentially on realistic goals and the energy that one applies for them: Therefore, women with career ambitions should develop corresponding visions for their lives.
  4. The right career choice: The whole thing already begins, as already mentioned, in the choice of career. Apparently, according to numerous studies, women still choose the wrong jobs. Therefore, one should deliberately take as a benchmark not only one's own inclinations, which can change according to the level of knowledge, but also the earning potential in the eye. In any case, I would not have believed that I would deal with equities and financial issues.
  5. Courage for leadership position: The importance of advancing in the hierarchy financially can be seen at the latest when one takes a closer look at typical women’s professions. In fact, many sectors dominated by women are paid less because women are often more modest. But if you then look at the higher hierarchical levels of such professions, there are often men sitting here too - and they are usually still very well paid.

Women: Just want the right thing?

Does that mean again that women are to blame because they want the wrong thing and theirs Set not define exactly? In my opinion, this is exactly where the real crux of this statement, which has been heard again and again, lies: if it is actually more important to women in the job, in the job satisfied to be than to earn a lot of money, that's completely ok.

This only becomes problematic because they still complain about the injustices, but do little to change it. There are also real initiatives that put women into male professions, for example in the Technology and the natural sciences.

Obama's conclusion: actively calling for change

However, as Barack Obama has recognized - using his daughters as an example - they fall far short of the mark: When choosing these math courses, he found that women learn very differently from men, much more team-oriented and communicative. "So to get women excited about tech jobs where they are underrepresented, you have to start with the education system," he said.

Doing a lot shows how fundamentally the issue of emancipation has to be tackled. Positive On the other hand, what agrees with him is that the younger generation is much more self-confident in demanding equal rights. And that is exactly the right approach that could herald the end of female modesty.

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