Companys should always remember: Den Turnover of tomorrow make the dissidents of today. Because completely new professional fields with new requirements are sprouting up that we have to adapt to. Which qualifications so need workers in the Future?

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New jobs and qualifications

Social Media Manager, AdWords Specialist, FrontendDeveloper – all of these are professions that our parents had never heard of in their day. These fields of activity have gradually developed, together with the rapid triumph of the Internet. And so it will continue.

Many jobs that were completely normal a few years ago are now extinct. Or do you still know what a gnomonist is? A tip: The resolution will be at the end of this post.

Which jobs will disappear?

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Was Facebook Initially ridiculed as a nice platform to play a little Candy Crush, the discovery of marketing opportunities via social networks resulted in a huge advertising industry in this area almost overnight.

Time and again, one hears the opposite: that digitization will cost more jobs than it creates. Such statements are dangerous and, moreover, untenable. None of us can predict the future - at most assume.

Which industries will it meet and when?

And it can also be assumed, for example, that the Peoplewho work in one of the above job fields today will still be employed in ten years' time. Because they are flexible and themselves fast can customize. These are two of the skills that are needed in times when the digital tsunami can sweep over one's own industry at any time.

“Deloitte Digital” and “Heads! Executive Consultancy" created the "Disruption Map by Industry" in a study in which all Industries divided into four areas in a diagram: The X-axis represents the course of time. Here you can see how long it will take for certain trades to be covered by digitization.

The disruption of our everyday work

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On the y-axis, the intensity is shown, named with a small or large bang, so little or severely affected by the disruption. This Disruption Map shows that the mining, oil, gas and chemical industries are likely to be the last and the least shaken. The construction industry will probably only feel a breeze from the digitization storm.

The situation is very different in the retail, information and communication technologies (ICT), media, leisure and travel, banking, insurance, professional services, gastronomy, Education and real estate. Here the companies and their Employees reckon with a short fuse and a big bang and should best do with that yesterday rethink have started.

Is your job resistant to digitization?

It is relatively easy to determine which professional fields will probably remain almost exclusively in human hands for some time to come: the more creative, flexible, social or spontaneous Job, the lower that Risks of automation.

Activities, which always follow the same patterns and procedures, can be done more easily and usually more efficiently by machines. Two Oxford Martin School researchers have studied 2013 702 careers and determined the level of automation risk in each area:

Occupations with high automation risk

Occupations with low automation risk

For example, couriers and messengers are likely to be replaced by drones or autonomous vehicles over the next few years. Already today a big disruption is recognizable especially in the branch of the driving services. Turnover is already being done by dissenters like UBER and Co. So workers in this sector will literally be swept away.

Digitization requires new talent and skills

It is therefore particularly important for the future to find digital employees. Such that change gladly accept, actively promote and ideally even think up and develop new systems such as blockchain or language assistants.

Of course, the new always harbors the “danger” of change and so digitization will also fall victim to some jobs. But at the same time, completely new - perhaps more exciting - jobs will be created here. New equipment and machines may make assembly line work superfluous. This in turn requires more skilled workers who can operate and maintain the devices. And the production facilities can be brought back home.

What attitude does it take to survive in a digital world?

The right training and education for the future Further Training is only one side of the coin. Certainly is constant Further Training necessary. But what if your skills are replaced by a new one Innovation become superfluous? So that you don't end up on the street, you need the following settings, which by the way also apply to companies in general:

It needs unrestricted openness to new developments. If you initially take a negative attitude from a gut feeling, you have a long-term disadvantage.

Conclusion: Be curious about the future

It takes curiosity about the unknown, and not just when all your friends already have it. Be like the early adopters who always want everything new first. Thanks to this property you will be flexible - and that is the key to Success in the digital Welt.

"The children who are born today will have jobs that do not yet exist today".

In this sense: Let's be curious!

PS. To answer my initial question: A gnomonist is someone who orients sundials.

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