Professional or Personal Crises: Nobody likes them, everyone knows them. In doing so, they are often not only inevitable, but in fact vital to life.

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Why crises are vital

The fact is: Personal and professional crises can hit us at any time and often unexpectedly. Most of the time they will negative seen, one can certainly gain something positive from such crises.

A professional Crisis Like other crises, it is also a high point and a turning point in a dangerous development. According to psychological understanding, crises are not only threatening, but vital!

What is a crisis?

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From the point of view of the Integrative Therapy according to Hilarion Petzold, they occur whenever personality structures prove to be too rigid as regards changes. A crisis can be defined as a labile situation in which a person is.

Crisis initially means threat. The everyday situation in which a person finds himself - for example in relation to his job and his Workplace – is becoming increasingly unstable. The crisis includes the loss of something old, tried and tested Anxiety before something new, unknown. She is at the beginning of one change, but further development and outcome are uncertain.

The development of a crisis

A crisis does not develop overnight, but always has a history. Usually, however, you only recognize this afterwards.
Perseverance slogans à la "Everything will be fine" or "It will work out" or "Eyes zu und durch” may be justified in some situations.

However, when it comes to unresolved conflicts, they can have dire effects. If you're not dealing with a smoldering Konflikt occupy yourself, it will only disappear on its own in the rarest of cases, but will continue to ferment in you. Often one is not even aware of the seriousness and the drama of the situation.

Dramatic turning points

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But there comes a point when you realize: You are in the middle of a crisis. While professional conflicts can usually still be limited to some extent and only affect individual areas, the professional crisis calls the entire basis for the job into question. In a crisis, unlike in a conflict, we have the feeling that the ground is completely closed under our feet verlieren. Crises thus have a far more existential dimension than conflicts.

Conflicts in the psychological Sinn Not being “dealt with”, which one does not deal with and which one tries to push out unconsciously, has the potential to become a crisis sooner or later. Crises are often the result of unresolved conflicts.

Psychosomatic disorders indicate crises

It is often the psychosomatic disorders that are the body's indication that it is no longer working. Then they force you to deal with it Problem to deal with.

As the most important areas of life on which the identity of a People founded, see that Concept five pillars of identity for integrative therapy. If one or more of them falter, one speaks of a crisis.

The 5 pillars of identity

In order to be able to grasp the extent of a crisis, one must look at it in relation to the number of dimensions affected: which and how many pillars of identity are “cracked”, which are stable and provide security and act compensating?

There are the following five pillars of identity:

  1. 1.Säule: Body, physical health, sexuality
  2. 2.Säule: Social network, friends, relationships, partners
  3. 3.Säule: Activities, work, leisure activities
  4. 4.Säule: Living, money, material
  5. 5.Säule: Values, religion, spirituality

misfortunes never come singly

A professional crisis often coincides with a private crisis such as a divorce. And it is only that one has neglected the partner and himself for quite some time because of the stress of work. Crises often encompass the entire person, in contrast to conflicts.

Of course there are also professional crises that do not have any feedback privacy have. This is a great advantage, because private life/the partner can give support to cope better with the professional crisis.

Processing wants to be learned!

However, how you experience and process crises depends not only on how profound and all-encompassing the shocks are, but also on the experiences you have made in your life with crises and their overcoming.

If you have experienced before you can cope with them, you will also believe in the next crisis to create it!

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