According to the motto "Don't offend" many give away Seller bars Money. A seller does not have to be dear and nice be! A clear discussion structure, binding Appear and an honest one Communication bring more. Namely Turnover.

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More positive self-assessment necessary

Who hasn't experienced a pushy salesperson who simply texts his counterpart? Someone who was annoying and just didn't want to accept that you couldn't be with him Geschäfte want to do. No seller wants to be like that himself.

However, many tend to judge themselves too critically. The danger is great that a salesman with this self-image thinks he would be too intrusive, if he would ask specifically for the order or even an appointment.

The Love Seller Trap

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Unfortunately, sellers often close for these reasons fast into reserve and remain in a passive role. They are waiting for the Customer becomes active on its own initiative and buys more or buys at all.

"I don't want to be pushy!" quickly slips off the lips of many when they fear they might find a prospect or even theirs customers have annoyed you with too bold an appearance. They hardly come to the end of it. Instead of making sales, they get stuck in the dear seller trap.

change of perspective

Naturally, there is a differentiated one for the customer Perspektive: What does he expect from a seller? It goes without saying that he has a good offer in his pocket and offers it to him.

That he shows him cheap ways that he wants to continue the business relationship with further degrees. Finally, he has arranged for an appointment or called. The customer rightly expects the seller to actively approach him. At the same time, he wants to feel that he is working well with him.

Speech is silver, the graduation is golden

A little talk is part of it, but only exchanging pleasantries can not be the main purpose of a sales pitch. Otherwise, the customer perceives the seller only as nice types. If the seller does not go on the offensive, he steals the customer only his time.

The same applies to the immediate retreat at the first No, instead of appreciative resistance. Does the seller just look for this every now and then? Conversationto "maintain" the relationship, but does not force a purchase, something is wrong there. Then such seller-customer relationships vegetate for a long time without ever making any sales.

A seller has to sell

But how can a seller protect against falling into the love seller trap? Or is she already snapped? A small customer analysis quickly reveals where sales are made and where there may have been downtime for some time.

In addition, a critical and above all honest look at one's own Behavior unavoidable. Above all, he must recognize and accept that selling is his main task. Before every customer meeting, a clear Objective stand. What do I want to achieve in the conversation? In practice, a maximum goal, supplemented by one or two retreat goals, has proven itself.

Binding language gives security

Sellers can achieve a lot with the right words. The way a salesperson speaks can decide between sell or not sell, between sales or loss, between Success or failure.

The best way to reach the person you are talking to is in a confident and authoritative language: clear and clear, but still open and cooperative.

Practice creates masters

The customer just likes it. As soon as he cannot follow the seller, he becomes skeptical and no longer listens properly. Avoid “technical Chinese” and too many foreign words. Linguistic softeners such as “actually”, “maybe”, “could”, “should”, “should”, which are often used, are better removed from the vocabulary by the seller.

It is helpful to formulate the conversations on your own first to practice and in writing forms. Through frequent repetition, they will soon find their way into the normal active vocabulary and be available for successful sales talks

Cleverly asked, is half won

Who the right Ask poses, directs the conversation, collects information and shows Expertise. The customer gets the opportunity to talk about himself, his motives and wishes. The seller can then adjust his choice of words accordingly. Opinion questions help to find out whether you are (still) on track with the customer:

Because only the acceptance of an offer makes the transaction a purchase. In order to accelerate this, friendly final questions are by no means intrusive: “What do you think of it if you simply try out 10 units?”

The way to the goal

As so often, it is the golden mean that leads to the goal. For the seller, this goal clearly means making sales. The spoken word is an effective means to reach the customer, to give him security as well as to evoke good feelings.

But neither triviality nor too many words act turns out to be sales-promoting. If it succeeds, however, a clear Idea to communicate with benefits for the buyer, this will also be reflected in the order book. Then: dear sellers come to heaven, eloquent make sales.

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