Values ​​in CompanysThat's a hot topic for discussion. It is often the case that they contradict each other. How do you deal with these sometimes very different poles?

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Must values ​​contradict each other?

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If consistency (in the sense of effect) is made an important value in the company, then the positive Equivalent flexibility put on the siding. However, consistency and flexibility form a polar pair of values. Consistency is not “valuable” without flexibility and vice versa. More consistency may be demanded for a period of time, but in the long term these values ​​can only be understood as a pair of poles.

And now we want to explain why it is important that values ​​contradict each other and how to deal with this contradiction.

Unilateral values ​​= negative results

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A good approach would be a phrase: "We are as consistent as necessary and as flexible as possible." If we only rely on one of the two values ​​in the company, the consequence is usually a negative one.

The required consequence becomes dogmatism. If flexibility is declared a value, the game usually ends in arbitrariness. We must not polarize the values ​​in the company verlieren. Values ​​must create areas of tension and People bring between the poles. Only then do we hear the splash of plunging into the river change.

Values ​​that can stand alone

Of course, there are sensible values ​​for companies that can simply stand on their own. For example, “energy conscious” or “environmentally conscious” is more than a sensible direction for a company.

In these cases, the opposite pole does not work positively, but destructively. Such values ​​serve the future-oriented orientation of a company. This applies in a similar way to the social and societal orientation as it is in the CSR-Concept (CSR = Corporate Social Responsibility) is required.

Values ​​must be clearly communicated

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With all these values, it must clear communicated where the limits are and which exceptions are possible in crisis situations. With a dogmatic attitude, these values ​​can also lead to negative consequences in companies.

It should also be noted that values ​​which describe the entrepreneurial activity in a meaningful manner are not mentioned. Which company would not like to see a certain performance orientation or as a reliable partner? From our point of view, such values ​​can be imported without a counterpole. How should they ever hurt?

Recognize the pattern

In all change processes follows Energy of awareness . And we can follow the six principles”Pattern of attention” and “patterns of energy” and with each other useful . connect

The energy follows the attention. What we focus on increases. This shamanic principle was carried over into modern times Psychology adopted and become a guiding principle of systemic counseling work.

Overview of the patterns

Behind every principle there is hidden a domain of knowledge of modern science, which we - with some blurring - also want to assign. It's about creating a meaningful connection that will help you recognize patterns.

Concept attitudesattention patternenergy patternsdomain
Beginning and end)CourageTo perceive holistically what is and what is to beGive initial pulsecomplexity
polarityRespectFeel tensions and allowBuild tension between the polesduality
ResonanceJoyPerceiving what works and allowing things to interact in a new wayReinforce weak energiesself-Organisation
Double decisionTrust and concentrationTrust your own intuition and practice reflectionControl pulsescybernetics
RepetitionpersistenceRecognize progress through practice and let rhythm workAllow constant flow “in the middle of the river”Things to Learn
patterns of ordervitalityRecognize new patterns out of movements (letting swarms)Effectiveness of the energy supplyholism

The principle of beginning and ending for the management work

What does that mean in detail? The principle of beginning and end needs Courage as the attitude of the leader.

We begin the change by taking a first, courageous step into an unknown land. It is a conquest and thus also a martial principle of the fight.

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