There is a lack of space in Germany's lecture halls. This situation is not new, but it is getting worse. This presents universities with a major challenge that they do not seem to be prepared for.

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University pact against the educational emergency?

As early as 2007, the federal and state governments decided on a higher education pact until 2010 with regard to the dual Abitur cohorts in various federal states. However, the situation has worsened since then.

For the large number of new students, additional space must be created in the lecture halls, seminar rooms and libraries. A further improvement to the approved funds is therefore necessary - and nothing new for a long time.

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In June 2009, the federal and state governments agreed to continue the pact until 2015. Additional funds of 3,2 billion euros were made available, which were later increased again to a total of 5 billion euros. An enormous sum.

At this point it must be permissible to ask whether the federal states have used the funds made available to them adequately at all. There are doubts about this in any case. In the first phase between 2007 and 2010, many countries acted rather cautiously. Berlin, Bremen and Hamburg even have to pay back committed funds amounting to 600 million euros.

Criticism of the university pact

Experts therefore criticize the structure of the pact. Because that Money from the federal government does not flow directly to the universities, but initially to the finance ministries of the individual federal states. How much money is actually made available for teaching afterwards remains difficult to understand.

Particularly in view of the fact that many of the Länder are constantly reducing their university level. Logically, this does not appear to be cautious. An obligation on the part of the Länder would be desirable at this point.

Situation for master students is growing

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The main drivers of the situation are the students and Germany as a place of education as a whole. He runs the risk of noticeably increasing the quality verlieren. The situation will worsen in the coming years, especially for Master's students.

According to a current model calculation by the Center for Higher Education Development (CHE), the need for Master’s degree places will increase in the future clear. Because so far, significantly more Bachelor students are striving for a postgraduate degree Study on, as calculated.

Horror scenarios for the future

In Ihrer on account the experts design three different scenarios: What happens if every second, a good two-thirds or even 85 percent of bachelor graduates want to take up a master's degree?

With the cautious assumption that only every second Bachelor student directly follows a Master’s degree, the federal and state governments have to be prepared for significantly higher numbers of Master’s students. But there are already so many places missing that many Bachelor's graduates have to forego a Master's degree at state universities.

Solutions on the pulse of the time

Certainly, it must be stressed at this point that it is merely a model calculation. There are a number of external factors that influence this. This includes, for example, the economic development.

The labor market could encourage many bachelor's graduates to go directly into professional life instead of taking up further studies. In addition, there is certainly the expansion of continuing education Master's courses Job another way to at least stretch the increasing demand for master's degree places.

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