Things to Learn set a link from your homepage to Fun but unfortunately it is often dry and boring. Brain research has long since recognized that practical relevance promotes good education.

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How technology changes learning

A good Vocational Training can open doors. She can help you get a job, a fulfilling one Career to find and live the life you desire. But it is unclear whether we are providing our children with the most effective ones Strategies form. If you believe in evidence-based learning, then there is hope that education is near Future getting better. The main thing is that it is experimental and practical - not theoretical.

But be careful: the next generation of students will be the first to World grows up by artificial Intelligence, driverless cars and augmented reality. The Technology will change our lives and work in ways we can't even imagine. What does this mean for the future of education and learning? If we want our children in this changing world successfully we need to rethink the way we teach them.

Why our education system is inadequate

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It has long been said that education is not individual enough. The traditional notion of a unified educational system is outdated and ineffective, especially for students who are still learning how to learn. But what if we could use brain research to better understand how students learn?

No doubt, education is a great responsibility for teachers and parents. We all want to give our children the best possible education so that they can be successful in life. But what does research say about how we should go about it? How can we best teach our children?

How can optimal education work?

Improving education starts with Reset, as the Brain learns best. From the promotion of creativity to making sure our children get enough sleep - science is studying how we raise today's youth. And neuroscience is providing interesting insights.

Brain research shows that attention span plays an important role in the education of students. Therefore, teachers should focus on teaching shorter lessons so that students can focus on the lesson in question.

Brain research states that repetition of information is key to memorizing a fact, number, or concept. And that's best done in practice to practice. Because the most important thing in education and learning is experimentation and practice. There are many new ones Methods, models and innovations that can help us improve the educational process.


This is what practical learning can look like

In Canada I found a great example of how hands-on learning works better. The key word here is experimental field research, i.e. the reconstruction of historical situations under as realistic conditions as possible. In Germany, especially in history lessons, this was frowned upon as too popular for a long time (but it seems to be slowly breaking out). In Canada, on the other hand, it has long been recognized that immersing yourself completely in another era is both exciting and important. Science meets mainstream - out of the ivory tower!

Ukraine and Canada are countries that could hardly be further geographically from each other - and yet there is practically in the middle of Canada, in Edmonton Alberta is the leading center for Ukrainian studies outside of Ukraine, the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) . It belongs to the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta. His Set describes the institute on the website:

Founded in 1976, following joint efforts by Ukrainian community leaders and academics, to provide an institutional home for Ukrainian scholarship in Canada, CIUS is dedicated to the development of Ukrainian studies in Canada and supports such studies internationally. In addition to its main office at the University of Alberta, CIUS maintains a branch office at the University of Toronto.

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Science meets experimental reality

Also close to Edmonton is the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, an open-air museum on Alberta's history that tells the story of Ukrainian immigrants who settled here between 1892 and 1930. More than 30 buildings from the period up to 1930 (this is old by Canadian standards) have been rebuilt and give visitors a good impression of the past. But not only that: the museum village is alive!

Non-professional actors in historical costumes and with trained Ukrainian accents tell of their lives as a Ukrainian farmer or a village school teacher. And it is exactly these roles that the University of Alberta students slip into every now and then, who are specially trained for this and thus experience the past not only in theory but also first-hand, as David Markowsky, the PR-Executive of the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village says.

Tolle Idea – there should be more hands-on interaction between science and research in Germany too!

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