In the application, imagination and thus meeting and exam situation, you will be judged and assessed yourself - namely your counterpart and everything you see and hear. It also depends on your gestures and facial expressions.

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The key role of body language

The body language, gestures and facial expressions are often underestimated. The dilemma here is that many people do not speak this very important language, or at least only to a very limited extent, although it is important to distinguish between active and passive.

Most people are almost completely unaware that there is such a thing as body language - and what a supporting, important role it plays in it Contact gets along with others.

The effect of the gestures and facial expressions

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In doing so, she plays in the daily Communication, in contact with others an absolutely significant role. Nobody can imagine them Effect revoke.

We humans present ourselves, our Personality and our attitude to life every day with our body, privately as well as professionally. Christian Morgenstern is credited with the bon mot: The body is the translator of the soul into the visible.

The whole body speaks

Let's be clear: one message, what we say and want to convey is only perceived to about 20 to 40% verbally, i.e. in terms of content, about 33% auditory (this applies to the perception of the nuances of the voice pitch and vocal utterances without words) and almost 50% Share non-verbal, d. H. body language.

From the Head down to our feet – the whole body always has a say: the way we sit on a chair or stand in free space tells more about us than we can imagine, maybe even than we like.

How you are judged in the interview

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In the application, presentation and thus also the examination situation, you will be judged and judged by yourself - namely your opponent and everything you hear but also to see.

Also, you will be more perceived than you are likely to imagine (for example, your shoes, as you go, your hair, hands, fingernails, make-up, how well you are shaved, pleasant or obtrusive smell etc.). All of this flows into the decision-making process when it comes to filling a job and has enormous weight.

5 tips for a better body language

For all these reasons, you should work on your body language to improve the impression you make on others. 5 tips.

1. Convince with better use of the body

that in the Working world The ability to communicate is a very important key to success is documented in the Old Testament - just think of the Tower of Babel. But your verbally presented arguments are in one job interview not solely decisive. What does that mean for the job interview?

You must be able to communicate with your entire person credibly what you have to offer, what you promise to do in the future and that you are trustworthy. This trust factor is intuitively accessible to many decision-makers and has to do with the non-verbal perception of the counterpart.

2. How well can you body language?

But what does communication actually mean? How many languages ​​do you speak? Your mother tongue, one, two or even three foreign languages? What about your body language skills? Just imagine the following Ask:

3. Pocket Psychology for Beginners?

Many hiring managers and "pocket psychologists" believe that they have mastered or better understood body language.

They like to handle lists from which they fast I think I can read the alleged meaning of a certain posture, gesture or facial expression – on a similarly grim level as the various dream interpretation books, which supposedly tell you on cue what the dream of the previous night means.

4. Proper Presence: Preparation is Everything!

In the preparatory phase, you can confront the discussion-talk situation even with unpleasant questions. Make a list and write down all the difficult issues and questions that you can embarrass. What would you answer to each of these questions? Now you have the opportunity to prepare your answers.

With a modern mobile phone, you can even record and see and hear later. When you play a job interview with a person taking on the staff selection part, you'll be amazed at how quickly you get a certain amount of body language from the visual self-control of dealing with the awkward conversation sovereignty develop. This is how you get better and more convincing.

5. Immediate Tips for the Right Body Language

Two simple but important body language recommendations at this point when it comes to a job interview:

  1. Hands away from head and face: Sounds simple, but when you're under pressure, it's very fast that you play with your hand at the earlobe, hold yourself close to your neck, touch your nose very briefly.
  2. Never interfere with your arms in front of your breasts. This creates a barrier for your counterpart, signals closeness and rejection - and also uncertainty, since you need to entrench yourself. In addition, you also take the air to breathe.

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