they should clear more often with open Eyes observe your surroundings. Go outside to see where you can find pictures. Create your gallery with these and learn which ones Effect pictures on you can have.


To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Discover interesting pictures in your area and take pictures with your mobile phone.
  2. Create a personal gallery for your finds.
  3. Now take a closer look at the pictures and fill out the template: Name of the picture, location, what is particularly striking about this picture? What emotions does the picture trigger? What could the intended picture statement be?
  4. Effect (1 - 10): Rate the overall effect: 0 - Absolutely unsuitable to 10 - Very appealing
  5. Ask friends and acquaintances and ask them to answer the questions in the template as well.

Logos of companies and products

The books on the subject (advertising)

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In the case of advertisements, for example, you notice that the company or product logo is also included everywhere. You may notice that these are often very simple - like icons. This is important for the recognition value.

How easy is it to trace the logos? Are they still recognizable then? Try it. Visualize logos and note how easy it was for him to do so. He also thinks about what he sees in the logos and whether it is his Opinions according to what they should stand for.

Use pictures yourself

You can learn a lot from these examples. Therefore now to you:

This is exactly where we start: For complex issues, images should be found that will help you to present them in a way that is easy to understand - but at the same time impressive. You will start by taking symbols and simple sketches and developing them yourself.

For theme pictures have available

Discounts for your success (advertising)!

In this way, you will later have images available for almost all topics, which you only have to put on paper before the person you are talking to.

At the same time you will become more and more flexible. This will help you to be able to react spontaneously in future conversations. Your counterpart will understand each other even better feel, because in this way is - better than ever - a Conversation on eye level is possible.

Your own picture library

To achieve this, you develop your own image library, the individual images of which can be used and combined in different situations. For example, we already have four different so-called IdeaPix for the Term Return on Investment (ROI – German: return on investment).

Further standard pictures are given below. In the course of the book, individual IdeaPix will also be added. In addition, you will also expand your library by yourself with all the images that are important to you.

Top books on the subject

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