There has been a media discussion about the buzzword content for years Marketing. Buzzwords are terms that are used very often to describe things. Personally, I now often see such terms as part of a promise of performance.

content marketing

What's the matter?

We're all on Fac nowebook - which is why so many people think that we have arrived - and now everyone realizes that it is relative how many fans you have. At its core - that's the promise I'm making - it's about delighting fans with the right content and making even more out of social media.

The Idea, which is behind it fast described: We are now registered everywhere and now we have to do something with these registrations. Very loosely based on the motto: Facebook was last month's campaign.

Moment times: Arrived? Content?

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Is this the drop of the last shot? In fact not: the exchange has started with fans about content and topics. The fans have long been demanding what they want.

In this respect, content marketing is a condition that should serve where the interaction does not arise of its own accord. How can this happen? In fact, this is often the case when the added value of your own company presence in social networks is not recognizable.

Put in words: only if there is a Company as such in social networks sell would like to know about the applicable (informal) Regulate by Faqebook, Twitter and Co. override, the interaction will not start automatically.

Slowly comes the online editor

So far was many clearthat content is necessary for marketing. SEO and SEA work more and more through content, at the same time many companies declare that performance-based marketing is an important one success.

Anyone who puts on content needs someone who produces it. There are different approaches for this. The idea of ​​an on-line editor who has a sense of social media is slowly moving through - but: is not this already?

Social media as pre-formulated advertising

Correct: Social media managers also have to prove ever stronger qualities as copywriters: Postings should be written in the tone of the company. Thus they are slowly getting the value of pre-formulated advertising as it is found, for example, in advertisements or posters.

What company - and this goes to a much deeper level Problem close - don't consider one fact: social media is not an advertising pillar, not a daily newspaper and not a magazine that is financed by advertising.

Advertisement on the fanpage?

The offer advertised there too act, refers to formats marked as such. Advertising in the sense of content on one's own fan page must always be managed from the fans' point of view Communication occur.

In addition to relevant content, this includes, in particular, an assimilation to dealing with: using short forms, buzzwords and the like, has rather narrow sentences, which are limited to the essentials, and rarely a clear call for action.

Communication is forgotten

Of course, there are also requests among friends to favor certain things, but these are rather exceptions. This rethink many of the currently active online editors have to learn, because they see social media as Term is present. Many also understand the mechanisms behind it, but what is forgotten is communication.

This indicates a lack of understanding on the part of the company for the part of the marketing mix in the form of social networks. A web copywriter tries with powerful statements People steer in a certain direction. He places things.

Wanted: A holistic approach

A social media manager or even a community manager leads the appropriate exchange. If you only find one of two parts, you will be cut off in the medium term in your own social buzz.

From the point of view of the user, it is time that new professional images are not constantly being formed, but rather the starting-up and further training formats that have a holistic approach can be offered.

What does buzzword actually mean?

So if you are now wondering what this content marketing is and why you need it, you will not be able to avoid realizing that many companies in particular are talking about it, which none Strategy . track

A strategy regulates, among other things. Content and the tracked Objective, from which new content can then be derived. In this respect, the discussion about content marketing or storytelling is actually just another indication of the lack of strategic characteristics of social media in companies.

More than branding

Generally speaking, strategy is currently still associated with branding or management, but it is much more than that. It is about defining possibilities and potential, a goal that is reflected in the corporate goals or derived from them, and added value for the user.

This – at least that is my impression – has so far only happened to a limited extent and even if more and more jobs are being created as social media managers, it is still difficult for many specialist staff to structure the complex requirements and set them down in the form of a strategy. (Link: Post Social media managers are not PR Adviser)

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