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Plan your career, focus on your goals, get rich: Success is no luck

Some say that success can be planned; he is a matter of luck, the others. The truth lies somewhere in the middle: who objectives needs a strategy - but also the luck of making good decisions at the right moment.

Is Life Hard Or Easy?

Life is hard for quite a few people. They have a job or a career but they don't feel like they can make a living from it. Or there is a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, but they just feel stress from it without experiencing the positive side.

Others have a nice life, a nice partner, a nice family, a nice house, a nice car, a good future, a great past, but they don't feel that it all means something and are looking for more Sense in life.

What do people associate with success?

If you ask people what they classically associate with the word success, it brings up a wide variety of topics and questions that can be narrowed down to four areas of life:

1. Application and job search

  • How to get an interview
  • How to get a job offer
  • How to get a better job
  • How to change your job

2. Make a career in the company

  • How to get along with bosses and colleagues
  • How to make the department within the company
  • How to have a successful career
  • How to get promoted

3. Leadership position

  • How to get a Executive shall
  • How to get a Company founds
  • How to become a board member of a large company
  • How to be a Successful Entrepreneur

4. Finanzen

  • How to make enough money to live
  • How you can fulfill your wishes
  • How to become a millionaire
  • How to become a billionaire

5. Work life balance

  • How to live relaxed
  • How to optimally combine family and work
  • How to have enough money and time to live
  • How to keep your health for a long time

Success is an individual matter

The bottom line is that there isn't one definition of success, there are many. The point of view varies greatly depending on your personal point of view and your horizon. And each of us could certainly add our own points to this list.

Therefore, we should first deal with the question of what success actually is. Because success is a fairly individual matter for everyone. However, one thing is certain and applies universally: If you want to be successful in life, this success - whether for yourself or for others - must be measurable. And for that you have to have a very specific goal.

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Which roads lead to success?

There are many ways to become successful. If you are the kind of person who enjoys working with your hands, then training at a business school might be the way to go. If you are one of those people who likes to work with the head, then a Masters in Business Administration could be just the thing for you. And if you'd rather work socially, you should head into this industry.

Start by figuring out what you're good at. Ask people you know well, such as your family or friends, what they think are their strengths. When you can't think of anybody else, or when you think you have a pretty good idea, wonder what you can do better with it. Maybe there is something you are good at that you can apply in another area. Maybe you are good at something that can help you get a job.

Dream jobs are great, but you also need to make enough money

In all of this, however, you shouldn't forget that you also have to make a living from your job, so that you have to earn enough money to pay your bills and also to make provisions for old age. For this reason, you should consider the job not only as a profession and calling, but also as a source of money or income.

Therefore, you should also concentrate on ensuring that your own career is successful. It is clearthat this is a long-term goal, and that goals cannot be achieved without a plan. But what kind of plan is actually successful? As a starting point, we assume that a career goal should be measurable and quantifiable. For example in the Payment, which represents a measurable quantity. The next step would be to define your own career success.

Management tasks, including oneself, are becoming more and more important

For example, it's not just about finding a good job, but also about keeping it in times of constant economic change. In the increasingly volatile labor markets, management skills are more important than ever. Especially regarding self-management, Self-guidance and self-organization.

And by that I mean practical skills and personal experience. Because the skills that you can learn in a business administration degree, for example, are often more of a theoretical nature. Much more important is the interaction between people and the Communication, especially the informal ones, in the company.

How do you consolidate your position in the company?

To illustrate this with a practical example: some of us communicate via e-mail, SMS, tweets and the like. This may seem practical and effective at first, but face-to-face communication is more effective and leads to better results. Because overall, building a successful career in the company is always about consolidating and expanding your own position, and the right communication is an important part of this.

It also has to do with power - and with internal power Politics: If you manage to achieve political power, so to speak, you can bring your ideas to the company, develop yourself further and make your voice heard. Without the proper power, you will always be commanders and unsuccessful - and this difference is reflected in salary too.

7 tips to secure your own position

But how do you achieve a position of power that will secure or even improve your position in the company over the long term?

  1. Get to know the company: And as many departments and areas as possible. You can only perform your task optimally if you have the big picture in mind. So it is important that you understand the business and know exactly how it all works.
  2. Follow the rules: Every company has its own rules and laws, including unwritten ones. Get to know these basic rules and stick to them.
  3. Break rules skillfully: But success also means being able to break rules at times. But that only works if you know these unwritten rules well and know exactly what you are doing and how far you can go.
  4. Learn secrets of informal communication: Sounds mystical, but in theory it is very simple! Because the most important information in a company is passed on informally, between two offices, while eating in the canteen or in the coffee kitchen. The well-known corridor radio. Those who marginalize themselves here have already lost.
  5. Educate yourself: Nowadays, it is not just about a good education, constant Further Training is important, because the know-how from the training can hardly keep up with the technical development. The training does not even have to be expensive, but can also be self-taught at home on the computer.
  6. Do not work for free: This is a very important rule that many self-employed unfortunately fail to observe. Startups in particular often think that they have to do their work at underground prices sellto attract customers. But what does not cost anything is worthless, so many people think and anyone who falls into the Billigheimer trap will find it difficult to get out again. In a figurative sense, this also applies to employees: whoever only says yes to everything and never sets limits, will at some point be exploited.
  7. Be social and authentic: Nevertheless, successful business relationships are also based on interpersonal communication. Therefore friendliness and authenticity are also important Success Factors.

The path to success is not easy, but it is feasible

In summary, we can say: the path to success is not easy and you need a lot of energy and patience to work on your goal and achieve the desired result. One must also have a willingness to be constant personal development and the ability to learn new things.

At the same time, communication is an important part of work, because it is always about sharing thoughts and knowledge with others in the right dose. However, if you not only have but also work smart and prioritize your plans, which includes a willingness to make certain sacrifices, you will achieve your goal.

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