Overall, the proportion of men outweighs the boss types, but there are also quite a few female Representatives – for example the Vogue boss Anna Wintour. However, exact figures on gender distribution do not exist.


The culture characterizes Bosstypen

But what we're talking about with boss types clear
can determine is the fact that our gender roles
and the related Behavior on the one hand a biological one
Background, but on the other hand very much from ours
Culture and our life story are influenced.

In the last few years in particular, there has been an increase in female bosses.
These women also show a clear dominance behavior,
They too like to bump into others in a figurative sense
and are characterized by a tangible Appear .

Vogue boss Anna Wintour

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If such an appearance of a woman would not be tolerated earlier, or at least sooner negative
has been rated, it is gradually gaining acceptance today. A
An example of a possible female boss is the editor-in-chief
of the US edition of Vogue, Anna Wintour, one of the most influential
Women in the fashion industry.

Wintour is famous and notorious for their harsh treatment of their employees and
hardly ever shows any expressions of emotion in the Hollywood film
The devil wears Prada was portrayed.

Determined and full of harshness

Quite generally and regardless of the gender of the person
Bosses require clear subordination in their department.
A rebellion or an uprising against a boss will
fast uncomfortable.

This People can be very determined
and proceed with full force should anyone dare to assume their leadership role
to question. Should someone outsider the
Asking questions of power and thereby endangering them are definitely bosses
able to counter the threat by using the
Exposing the attacker, belittling him or simply attacking him.
Because attacks on their position are something they don't
to like.

Fighting is part of the business

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Bosses have an affinity for dominance and for themselves
enforce. In this context they like the combative,
that belongs on the way to the position of a real boss.
They can therefore do something in power struggles
plug in.

Do we find ourselves with such a stamp
People in an argument, we should never back down
- that is exactly what they despise and would us
then attack mercilessly.

Just do not show any weakness

What they like are people who make worthy opponents. You can certainly acknowledge it when the other prevails in an exchange of blows
was able to. You react to it with Respect for one
good fight - but also with the statement that they are doing
next time for sure to have the upper hand.

So you can be fair on the one hand, but also merciless on the other.
However, if you learn to understand and accept the typical rituals
besides, that you can also be downright from a boss
is shaken, they can actually be handled well.

Putin and you

Let us return once more to the example of Vladimir Putin. To it
shows how important Background about personality styles for the
political dealings can be. A Putin respects strength, but none
weakness. To meet him in a soft way during negotiations
would certainly be the wrong way.

He is more likely to respect negotiating partners,
can confident appear. That doesn't mean it
always on one Power struggle must result, but every negotiation
should be approached from a position of strength
- without questioning Putin's claim to power, because that
would lead to big problems and a merciless response.
At the same time, it is important to always take into account that the boss type,
unlike a narcissist, is not insultable.

The difference to the narcissist

The boss type is also not necessarily dependent on the admiration of others.
This shows once again how similar personality styles are
the first sight act how different they can eventually
but there are and how much nuances when dealing with
affect them. This is how narcissists, psychopaths and the
Quickly confuse boss type if you look at it roughly.

The details, however, show the big differences. With a narcissist is before
everything to make sure that he is not injured or injured
feels. No weakness should be shown towards the boss type,
a certain dominance in one's own demeanor is advisable.

From the Bos type to the destructive sadist

However, if the personality style of the boss type becomes more extreme,
it looks completely different again - because then it turns into a sadistic one
and destructive direction. Like sadistic personalities
it to humiliate others. The normal boss type chooses occasionally
once an ironic bit against others im Conversation,
can a sadist experience arbitrary humiliation,
because that's exactly what the need for dominance and that
Keeping the other person small is satisfied.

It can be observed again and again that just such sadistic people in
Management positions get what is very uncomfortable and threatening
for the Employees can be. Ultimately, the work can
under such a superior even to health problems

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