Everyone knows that there is one Corporate must change in order for it to flourish. Not guardians of the seemingly proven, but innovators are in demand from now on. Your initiatives are aimed at a better Future, but can also stir up enormous fears.

Fear in the company: why it prevents us from daring the new

There is no comprehensive insurance for completely new ideas

If you want to stand out from the average and mediocrity, you have to dare something different, better, original, something that has never been seen before. This often involves unconventional initiatives. This is not always the case within the company light to get through Many a decision-maker likes to stick to the usual, the familiar, the tried-and-tested, because up to now they have done so successfully was. But what is established is already outdated per se, especially since everyone then does the same.

Not everyday activities, but the special, fascinating, remarkable has a bright future. So be fresh, cheeky, courageous ideas needed. But such ideas are very fragile and easily trampled to death. A stiff breeze often blows against them and their creators because they have to defend themselves against despondency, risk aversion, those who propagate doubts and those who say "can't do it".

Markets that do not yet exist cannot be analyzed, only hopefully thought ahead. A nightmare for the classic manager. He doesn't want adventures, but exact numbers and a fixed plan, so to speak, fully comprehensive insurance for new ideas. This forces everyone in the company to be faint-hearted and conform.

Only the forward thrust of busy free spirits brings us forward

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Would all People always stuck to the established, we would still be sitting in the savannah today. It was the fearless free spirits and clever thinkers who broke with conventions and laid the first stepping stones into new territory with their joy of discovery, love of design, curious questioning and creative ideas.

They have always advanced humanity and brought us to where we are today. As cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead once said so beautifully: “Never doubt that a small group of dedicated people made the World can change – in fact, it is the only way the world has ever changed.”

With passion, persuasion and drive

Passion, persuasiveness and drive are needed to bring new patterns of thought and action into the world and to convince others. Those who do this also need support. After all, they have to "drum up" and represent their cause well: thoughtfully, emphatically, patiently and at the same time emphatically.

Because it's not just the technical that counts. Emotions also play a decisive role. New initiatives must be compatible and acceptable. A talent for communication, diplomacy, tactical skills and an understanding of deeply human issues are crucial here - especially when it comes to major advances.

Win supporters, advocates, followers and influencers for yourself

In the case of larger advances, it is ideal if you have an active sponsor and advocate, so to speak, a patron saint at a higher level. But if you have enemies there - for whatever reason - and no one to protect you, the thing is usually through before it began.

So if you want to get your ideas through, you have to do it internally the convince who are known as internal influencers and have a direct line to top decision-makers. Good communicators therefore surround themselves with confidants, they gather followers and forge alliances. How do you go about that?

How to forge alliances

You put your ideas to the test in internal preliminary discussions and let them mature, something like this: "I would like to discuss a very first idea with you, it is a premature baby, so to speak, who still needs support."

Or you specifically look for a sparring partner, something like this: “I would like to discuss something with you because your Opinions is important to me. When do you have time for a coffee together soon?”

Anyone who is involved in change measures in advance and was able to contribute their thoughts does not perceive them as a threat. Those who win allies, like-minded people and comrades-in-arms are never lost.

A good communicator is always an expert on people

Each Conversationthat we run is only as good as the feeling it leaves behind in the people involved. Sometimes a single wrong word is enough and success is gone. Because every Communication transmits not only information, but also emotions. Sympathy and antipathy can hardly be pushed aside.

But in Business as a rule, only the factual information is deliberately disclosed. The emotional aspects, if the interlocutor is aware of them at all, are often covered up and kept safe behind a poker face.

Get to the bottom of the cause

In such cases it is better to carefully investigate the real causes, something like this:

“I have now understood your professional reservations. Is there next to ... and next to ... possibly something else where the shoe pinches? I have a feeling you are somehow not entirely comfortable with this. What else is it about? "

Everyone thinks, feels and acts in their own unique way. Even if it is sometimes difficult, we have to accept that third parties can and may have a completely different view of things. Because just as every face is unique, so too does it act Brain different for each individual. And often drives us Anxiety.

People's tendencies to persevere are often extremely great

"The greatest difficulty is not convincing people to accept new ideas, but convincing them to give up old ideas," said British economist John Maynard Keynes once aptly said. Change brings us progress, but at the same time collides with people's tendencies to persist.

Each change means that something hitherto unknown arises, of which nobody quite for sure know if it will be better or worse than the one before. The first step is always the hardest, because it means breaking with habits, leaving your comfort zone and throwing formerly valid beliefs overboard.

Our brain likes routine

In addition, our brain likes routines because routines firstly bring security and secondly Energy help save. In particular, people with a static mindset tend to cling to what is known and to maintain what they have once achieved. They find it difficult to dare something completely new with high dynamics.

Especially when things get "tight", we fall back into automatism and rewind the familiar Behavior away. When solving novel Problems that is exactly what stands in our way. So we must first learn to “unlearn” what no longer serves us. Only after that can new ones Solutions arise for both old and new problems.

What is preventing us? Operational blindness, complacency, or fear

So what actually prevents a contact person from saying yes to a new initiative that is coherent in and of itself? This can be operational blindness, complacency and the illusion of invincibility. Or simply fear:

When it comes to change, some brains are extremely good at imagining downright apocalyptic scenes. Even if such fears are unfounded, they are real to the person concerned. It is no wonder that urgently needed change is often boycotted out of pure self-protection.

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