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Recommendation marketing & relevance through meta-blogging - 10 tips: With snowball effects to success

Yourself a Network Building up, making contacts, recommendation marketing, networking: it all sounds very nice and simple. But what really helps are snowball effects that take on a life of their own.

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Blogging - a selfless hobby?

Somehow the hype about social media, blogging and influencers reminds a little of 1999: There is blogged until the rind cracks, online networks are springing up and everyone wants to participate.

And I have not been wondering since today when this euphoria will be over, because: Blogging really all the many people out of sheer joy of blogging? Hardly, most bloggers expect something from it - either advertising revenue, contacts, to be discovered as an author, new orders, a better search engine ranking or something else. Blogging for marketing.

Decreasing euphoria?

The situation is similar with the countless Internet communities that are springing up: Actually, they are supposed to be profitable in some form. So far, they have primarily served to maintain the image of those who, like Ebay (Skype) or Murdoch (MySpace), bought the portals for expensive money. And they are supposed to be profitable. In practice, however, many Internet users are unwilling to pay for network services or blog content, however good it may be. This will likely ease the euphoria over time.

From start-up to human capital

It also reminds a little of the new economy hype 1999, when everyone thought that the Internet was the gold mine par excellence - and one bankruptcy followed the next. Because as a long-term business idea, neither online networks nor blogs are good - something must follow, for which users are also willing to pay. Only what?

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After all, the many PR and social media start-ups create human capital, which can then be reinvested in new companies in Media Blog. In other words, even if a company goes bankrupt, its ex-employees found dozens of new companies. Just as back then, new companies emerged from the new economy bankruptcies, some of which still exist today (alongside those who survived the new economy crash).

What are the benefits of blogs?

Blogs offer, also thanks to search engine optimization and the connection to social media tools such as Twitter, Google+ or Facebook After all, excellent opportunities to reach a broad audience and potential customers virtually free of charge, thus expanding your own network and positioning yourself as an expert on a topic. Good content is also becoming increasingly important in search engine optimization.

But successful online marketing cannot be done on the side and it is not free, even if the tools for it are free. It takes time. In addition to technical know-how, it also means designing headlines and texts in a creative and exciting way and offering the reader good content with added value. This is the only way to build a long-term community of potential customers.

What do you have to consider when blogging?

But how do you write texts and content that arouse interest? What special features do you have to consider when writing online? What does search engine optimization actually mean? And how do you link the various social media tools together for efficient use?

There are some basic features of successful self-marketing on the net to consider: Starting with finding a name and choosing a good, user-friendly design, crucial for the success of a blog, right up to reader-friendly texts. Because in addition to technical know-how, successful blog marketing also means designing headlines and content in a creative and exciting way, offering the reader added value. This is the only way to build a long-term community.

10 tips for successful blogging

The topic of blogging is fundamentally of interest to all marketing and PR professionals, students and graduates, experts and professionals, freelancers and everyone who wants to position themselves through blogging and social media. Especially small ones Company and solo self-employed who want to convince with high quality content and service benefit from it. If you want to promote the success of your blog, you should note a few points:

  1. Know the basics of communication behavior in blogs and social media.
  2. Present online content appropriately and find suitable content for marketing
  3. Keyword SEO: writing for Google or the reader? In any case, it helps to give an introduction to search engine optimization with blogs.
  4. To efficiently link and increase the range of the blog with Twitter, Facebook and co.
  5. Headlining: attracting attention in Facebook and Co.
  6. Exciting texts: Here it is important to note the special features of online writing.
  7. Use comment moderation, monitoring, actions to build a community.
  8. Operate reputation management
  9. Know the risks of loss of reuputation in the network.
  10. See practical case studies.

What is meta blogging?

But good content alone is not enough, it also needs the necessary advertising: it may be embarrassing for one or the other to point too clearly at his previous successes. If you don't, you take the chance that other people will notice it too.

With this intention in mind, I have repeatedly pointed out very well running articles in the past, such as the Contribution to employee motivation by Michael Hübler, who attracted almost 6.000 readers in one day, or the Contribution to New Leadership by Roswitha A. van der Marktwho reached 11.000 posts a day.

Tips, information and relevance

This meta-blogging, blogging about blogging and extraordinary blog successes, generates attention, but even more: There are other tips and tips for blog marketing by showing which topics, headlines teasers and pictures generate particular interest - and above all where to meet the interested readers.

Last but not least, meta blogging also makes an important contribution to the relevance of blogs and blogging in the marketing mix.

How do snowball effects arise?

For all these reasons, snowball effects ultimately arise such as the fact that such metablog articles are cited and passed on in relevant specialist books - such as the latest work by Best Of HR -® author Anne Schüller.

In “The new recommendation marketing: Gaining new customers through word of mouth and recommendations”, she points to meta-blogging and thus reinforces the relevance aspect.

We now refer to this quote and the book in the blog. Mutual recommendation marketing creates an ever-expanding and independent recommendation system - marketing with a snowball effect.

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