Bosses should always have the overview of the big picture to make optimal leadership decisions. That does not mean that you have to know everything like a dictionary - certainly not everything that is unimportant.

Power status & leadership: Being omniscient as a boss is not an advantage

Separate important from unimportant

It is the job of every boss Strategies to determine Set to define, to make decisions. What you don't need: Perfect knowledge of all trivial matters. Because then there is a risk that they Employees be misused as a walking encyclopedia.

Mr. Euler is a division manager in a music publishing company and is sitting on the annual strategic planning, which he would like to present to the management team tonight. His phone rings even though he Ms. Duck had specifically instructed not to put calls through.

To be asked flatters!

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It's the new trainee's turn: “Executive, I have one Problem. I should Contact record to Sir Simon Rattle. You know him personally. Is he still at the Berlin Philharmonic?” Mr. Euler is extremely flattered that it has also gotten through to the newcomer that he is on first-name terms with the big names from artistic and social life.

He jovially replies to the greenhorn that Sir Simon is still in Berlin but is currently working in London for a few weeks. Still fast told a few anecdotes and half an hour has passed. With a "I'm always happy when I can help" Mr. Euler hangs up the phone. Nice boy, he still thinks and turns back to himself Planning !

Caution All-Know-Perfectionism!

That was still easy for Mr Euler. But his biggest concern is getting caught by an employee not knowing. Always and always up to date is his motto. Fourteen subscriptions for cultural magazines and trade journals run in his name. So he is equipped with knowledge of the most absurd things. And they are queried by everyone and at any time. His employees are no longer used to putting their own brains on.

Where Sir Simon is currently making his music, the trainee could have googled within 0,12 seconds. But he doesn't. Because he wanted to ingratiate himself a little. Respect! After a few weeks at the publisher, he sees it clearhow the rabbit runs. Because Mr. Euler is not interested in helping his employees. He just needs their respect Attention and affection

Changing reference works are in danger

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That bosses became bosses because they knew more than anyone else might have been like that a hundred years ago. Today, it's about setting goals, setting the direction - that should have gotten around now.

What Mr. Euler is doing, on the other hand, is an indictment! In addition, he puts himself under pressure. Because he has long since conditioned his employees, directly retrievable Reset confused with leadership. If he then doesn't know something, he's immediately exhausted and no longer recognized as a boss. It's like this: If you play nice colleagues, you can't be a manager.

What to do instead?

Do not let your employees misuse you as a walking reference work. No one needs to know everything, you just need to know how to get to it Information approaches. And the trainee can do that too. Teach your people to make their own Head to use. Then you have time for your actual Tasks as boss.

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