Boreout describes the phenomenon of boredom, to put it bluntly, to burn out. This happens more often than many believe. What can be done about it?

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Head of department with “burnout” experiences “miracle healing overnight”

Getting tired of your job is neither normal nor abnormal, but an individual preference. Our performance motives change over the years. Fatal if Executives confusing superficial routine with personal approach.

The mid-forties has been in a very dynamic for several years Corporate, which she helped build. Her area of ​​responsibility had changed significantly over time. Also because she pushed this herself. The company is now in Term to take a forward-looking step in development. The head of department is actively involved in this process.

Burnout or Boreout?

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When she found out about the planned development step, she was overwhelmed with fatigue. She just dragged herself inside Office , just like home. Her Tasks she was less and less able to fulfill it. She dropped things and made mistakes more often. She had lost all joy; even in things she loved.

She felt she needed more peace in her life and took a vacation to think carefully about how she could do this. But as soon as she thought about her work, she was overcome by this infinite weariness. Back in the Company she became more and more irritated towards colleagues and superiors and quite negligently provocative: "No one can fire me anyway."

How to make yourself superfluous in the company

An insubstantial statement, because their whereabouts were counted on. She now torpedoed any innovations in the company. To their disadvantage, highly emotional and with little substance. The situation began to turn for her. The support of Team and Guide subsided rapidly.

She dropped out because of”Burnout” Sick leave. Management lost her trust to the head of department. Two very fair scenarios were worked out, which were presented to the head of department. She should decide.

Did the woman really burnout?

She chose to terminate the contract with very attractive conditions. As if changed, she appeared joyful and friendly at her Workplace and handled the handover proactively and flawlessly. The time of elimination went along the whole line on both sides Respect and ultimately best wishes for the Future.

Had the Ms. actually a burnout? Probably not. Because with burnout there is an inability to perform regardless of the task. However, the woman carried out all the tasks to hand over her work to the remaining team with enthusiasm. she looked optimistic und mit ideas in the future.

What was wrong with the woman?

She was tired of doing business: the same colleagues, the same office, the same desk for several years.

Always the same products and services, the same customers and suppliers, the managerial quirks that are always the same and their shortcomings, which always made the same thing impossible, etc.

What happened?

She experienced psychological saturation because her environment remained the same, no matter how much she changed her area of ​​responsibility. She knew what her future in the company would look like: despite constant changes, the essentials would remain the same. And that prospect left her delivering Energy unconsciously backtracking radically. She experienced again and again and in the end suddenly a leaden tiredness.

Without having caused it with her conscious thinking or being able to understand it, she had withdrawn herself from her actions. For years she didn't understand how much she longed for a change. When she was in front of a decision was asked and she made a decision, she unconsciously released her energy again in order to cleanly complete the old employment relationship in accordance with her values ​​and to get on with it Courage to face something new. As if by magic, she was suddenly back”healthy".

What could make the woman better?

The woman repeatedly had times when she felt very tired and powerless. Then she mostly went on wellness vacations to reward herself and motivate herself for the next stage until her next vacation. Already then she could have investigated more closely what exactly makes her so tired. Was it the work content, some colleagues, the superiors, customers or just the same daily and weekly routine with commutes, errands, Family, hobbies, etc.?

Perhaps the woman did not have to quit, but could simply have been given another area of ​​responsibility. She would have with hers Executive be able to conduct development discussions that build on one another. In which they could have explored together which other tasks in the company might be optimally fulfilled by the department head in the future.

What could her longtime boss have done better?

He could have had more qualified conversations with his proven power. Especially in long-term cooperation we confuse light superficial routine with personal approach. A lot of things aren't mentioned because we think it's superfluous anyway, after all we've known each other well for years.

We feel the same way as with sense-specific saturation, where, for example, we have become tired of a dish through frequent consumption. Again, we suddenly get back Lust on the dish, if it is supplemented by spices, a different method of preparation or the Combination modified with other ingredients. The boss could have established a deeper personal connection to find out what motivates his department head.

Act before you dig yourself the grave

Because motivations and the necessary motives for them also change over the years. Or he could have tested them more provocatively and Ask can where their Motivation could find optimal channels of action in his company. He could have made her offers for promotion, further training or promotion, or asked her whether she was interested in them.

How long we feel joy and satisfaction in an activity also depends on our personal inner self Structure. It is seldom appropriate to take what “one does” or what others supposedly expect of one as a benchmark for oneself.

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