You can not only read how important movement is, but also experience it yourself. New ideas from Scandinavia want to motivate people to move.

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Junkfood compensates for stress?

You can't start early enough with the topic of movement so that it later becomes firmly anchored in people's minds as a habit. A Finnish initiative now wants that Fun learning with movement increase. Jumping in math lessons as a recipe for success in the next PISA study?

What sounds absurd has a serious background. The pressure to educate is enormous, not only in the media, but also in the private sphere. The European “middle class” has increasingly Anxiety for the competitiveness of their children. Especially well-off parents a lot Money and time in the Education their children.

The result is tight curricula, private schools and tutoring. Junk food and entertainment serve more and more as a stress compensator and start at the hips of the new middle class. Over 50 percent of Europeans are overweight and 20 percent are obese.

Getting children to learn increases their willingness to learn

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This development is currently accelerating even faster and more drastically, particularly in the emerging countries. Poor nutrition and increasing social pressure to perform are closely related. So how can you counteract these two developments? The Finnish non-profit made itself the answer to this question Organization Nuori Suomi ry a few years ago to give up.

Among other things, it was important to build on scientific studies that show that a lot of exercise increases children's willingness to learn and can counteract bad grades. That's how it came about Idea of a teaching tool for teachers that makes it easy to integrate exercise and health education into the classroom.

Innovative teaching materials awarded

In the development framework of this new educational project, numerous concepts, Methods and offers from Finnish schools were examined. They came across the “Liikuntaseikkailu – movement adventure around the Welt”. 75 percent of all elementary schools and almost 50 percent of elementary school students have been taking part in this educational program for 13 years.

Based on this approach, the idea of ​​the international Muuvit adventure was born - an innovative teaching tool for teachers and a multiplication platform for authorities and programs. That Concept was even awarded the internationalization prize of the Finnish organization for the promotion of Technology and Innovation – Tekes – excellent.

Movement adventure around the world

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At Muuvit the children gather through movement points with which they can make a virtual journey around the world. This world contains content relevant to education and can be embedded, for example, in computational, technical or English teaching.

Some 250.000 children from 6 countries and 9 languages ​​have completed the program this year. But it has to be embedded much better in the everyday school life of the teachers, so that the students do not realize that they are currently in a movement program. The children jumping in the math class should become the recipe for success for the next PISA rounds.

Prominent Supervisory Board

Sari Baldauf, who was named the most influential by the Financial Times in 2004, also sits on the supervisory board female was classified as a manager in Europe. In addition to her work for Muuvit, she sits on the supervisory board of Deutsche Telekom and Daimler AG and is chairwoman of the supervisory board of Fortum Oyj, the largest listed company Companys in Finnland.

In Germany, 2009 started the first pilot project with 5000 pupils from Lower Saxony and Finland - under the auspices of Prime Minister Christian Wulff and Cheferainer of VfL Wolfsburg Armin Veh.

Worldwide distribution

From Finland, Muuvit spread through Germany to many other countries: In Switzerland, Muuvit is currently being used as a multiplication platform for cantonal programs in three languages. In 2012, pupils from the host countries of the FIFA European Football Championship in Poland and Ukraine also took part for the first time.

The first African school with Muuvit started with the “Hospital Hill Primary School”. And even beyond the “big pond”, Muuvit is well received: Ohio is the first US state to join the unique education project.

Dancing as a creative sports program in between

Another initiative to instill fun in movement starts with adults: lunch beat, dancing during lunch break. The idea comes from Stockholm, but has since spread further. A vision of the future - or not?

The idea behind it is simple: instead of going dancing in the evening after work, which most people don't do anyway because they're too tired, you just do it during the lunch break. So to speak, as a creative sports program in between – and afterwards clear to be able to continue working fresher and more creatively. They don't talk about the job, they dance – that's how they want it Regulate.

Internationally successful, a failure in Berlin

It is no coincidence that this idea arose in Sweden: it is common there to do sports during the lunch break. It has long since become an international movement that also has supporters in America and Africa. In Germany, especially in Berlin, which likes to see itself as the trend capital, things are only getting off to a slow start. At the side of Lunch beat Berlin it says:

Many many People, who I spoke to from April to October 2012, thought the idea of ​​“Lunch Beat” was klet. Very few could come. This made it a much too expensive "hobby" in terms of time and money, and I pulled the emergency brake. I suspect that one or the other will be disappointed (it's me).

There is such an idea to offer “lunch beat on demand”, ie when a committed group comes together for an appointment... I'm also one of those who would find the idea great in principle - but when I think of the practical Implementation think it will be a bit difficult for me: In Berlin, for example, they are ways too far to just drive to the other end of town during the lunch break and go dancing. And unlike the gym, there are no showers in clubs. Colleagues will say thank you about the smell of sweat afterwards. You'd have to think again about practicality. It's a shame, because the idea is actually great!

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