Saving does not necessarily mean doing without, but it definitely means change. What can you do to nevertheless not lonely to be?

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Priorities like Eisenhower

I wanted Money save and still be socially active. In Stress But it shouldn't get out of hand either, it was about free time and it should still be fun. Sounds like squaring the circle? But there was a good one Solution:

I just have it priorities set and at the Costs started: With the flexible costs, I thought about which activities are important to me. For example, these are the ones that I particularly enjoy. And then I also analyzed which of my leisure activities are less important, for example because they are less fun.

Save like Eisenhower

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The Method this comes from the Time management and will Eisenhower Principle: (named after US General Dwight Eisenhower). Eisenhower originally had his Tasks divided into “important/not important” and “urgent/not urgent”. This simple Technology otherwise helps to set priorities, especially in everyday working life.

The Eisenhower principle can also be easily applied to leisure time to save money! It helps you there too, relatively fast set your priorities.

The Eisenhower window

Eisenhower window

When you spend your free time with others to plan, about with the Family, everyone should go through the following method for themselves and then discuss the result together.

How to apply it:

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How does the prioritization method of the Eisenhower window now work? Here is an overview:

Field A and B

Field C and D

Implementing plans: It is not possible without initiative

If saving were that easy, I probably would have implemented my plan to be more economical with my money much earlier and without planning. However, you probably know this too: there are almost always factors that prevent you from saving in some way. Maybe you're too annoyed to try something new. Or you don't have one Lust to organize. Or friends and acquaintances don't go with you...

I noticed that when I wanted to organize a regular running meeting. I found running partners through a Facebook-Group But sports partners can also be found through sports communities. And a notice in the supermarket or one Display: in the local newspaper also fulfill their purpose.

We had arranged a regular appointment. And then the “mailing” started three days beforehand: one could not at all, the other only a little later, “can anyone at all?”, “We'll meet somewhere else” etc. I quickly noticed: Because I the Idea the organization was left up to me. And if I don't do it again every weekemailt, the thing would soon have fallen asleep. But gradually it has become a dear habit.

peer pressure

You have to peer pressure overcome: Many do not like to admit that they can not afford or want something. For example, when I came up with the idea of ​​organizing picnics in the summer because it was a little cheaper than a visit to the beer garden, I was looked at with irritation. I then changed the argument, selling the inexpensive leisure alternative instead as a new trend and particularly brilliant idea - and suddenly everyone was excited

In the leisure such management skills Developing instead of sitting in front of the television pays off: It promotes creativity, decisiveness, communication skills, sense of responsibility and that self-confidenceto have created something yourself. And apart from the fact that these qualities are also an advantage in professional life, after a bit of persistence, the Success a. So it's a matter of being patient. The so-called "inner bastard".

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