What Set and wishes, expectations and fears he has Customer? A needs analysis in 7 steps helps salespeople find out what the customer really wants. Bad purchases are thus avoided, as are useless customer appointments.

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Good sales people are customer understanding

The main thing is that the customer buys. That hasn't been the case for a long time. Good Seller also have the moral engagement customers to protect against a bad purchase. However, this obligation can only be met by those who know their customers as well as possible.

Sellers must dare Ask to get to the bottom of the real need, what specific goals, wishes and expectations the customer has. In addition to the needs analysis, he should give the customer a feeling of security. A successful sales talk is the starting point for a promising cooperation.

1. Customer Communication: Getting Wishes

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Sellers are only too happy to make it easy for themselves and follow the motto: “If the customer asks for A, then he should also get A. Otherwise I would have to contradict him and what will become of that Shop and meinem Turnover/my commission?”

Just asking questions reveals many details: “Ah, interesting. You want the Model A. What do you want to do with it primarily?” or “Great. There are many in this area Alternatives. What exactly do you want to do with it, maybe there are even better options for you.” can trick the customer into revealing valuable information. With this Reset the offer can be modified and, in the best case, even expanded.

2. Sales Tricks: Is there a price limit?

If you are confident about your prices, you can also handle them confidently and address them yourself. Most customers feel this honesty and react more openly themselves and are quicker to state their ideas. The question "How much do you want to spend?" can be good in one situation or another, but also sometimes a bit clumsy act.

A question embedded in additional information seems more binding: “We have different ones for what you need Solutions. One solution is around x euros. This will get you A and B. The other variant for y euros can also do C and D. What do you think, which solution do you think is better?” If a customer does not want to go beyond a certain limit, he will now clear . make

3. Sales talk: What expectations does the customer have?

Scheduling an appointment involves more than just an entry in the calendar. Especially when a potential new customer gets in touch, the seller should know as precisely as possible what it is actually about. Corresponding facts can be quite easy ask:

"So that I can prepare myself optimally: What are your expectations of this Conversation?”. The following question is also very revealing: “I assume that you invite several suppliers who are fundamentally suitable for you. What are the decisive criteria for you, according to which you choose a decide? "

4. Recognizing customer motives: who is my interlocutor?

In such a new customer conversation, not only the specific time should be agreed when the meeting begins, but also how long the interview is likely to last.

In order to ensure that decision-makers are also present, the following question helps “Who do you choose the supplier with?” This question is much more diplomatic than a direct "Are you the decision maker?" If it is not the interlocutor, this binding formulation saves him from having to reveal himself as incompetent and he saves his face.

5. Increase sales: communicate profitably

This does not always work out in sales talks Communication optimal. All too often mistakes happen because both the seller and the customer all come from their own Perspektive see and understand. Avoid these mistakes:

6. Sales: Are providers and customers compatible?

How does the customer tick? What experiences does he already have in the Industry collected by the provider? Concrete questions in this regard create clarity. There is a high probability that one or the other will come here negative point to language.

The answers clearly signal to the seller what he wants, values ​​and demands of himself. If the seller already notices that he cannot meet the requirements, he should rather reject the order. An employed seller who is bound by instructions and to sell has to muster up. The needs analysis is also there for this: To find out whether you can take responsibility for serving or supplying the customer.

7. Sales Manager: Honest advice and generate sales

Usually a customer is on the Consulting and recommendations of the seller. A salesperson who always sells exactly what the customer says is wasting his order potential. The customer is not the expert, but the seller.

So if he can think of any points that the customer needs to get an even better solution, then he must also offer them. If not, a ubiquitous competitor is already lurking: Das Internet completely repressed fast all those salespeople who don't think actively and really work for the best solution from the customer's point of view.

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