Many People wondering what the Sinn of life - especially when it is stressful Business-Everyday life. In doing so, it helps to take things out of a conscience Distance consider. What if an alien were watching us? 2 Ask and 6 tips.

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Observations of an alien

Sinny comes from the vastness of space and looks at the earth, its inhabitants and their habits. He studies their lives, their models, processes, structures, Regulate and borders and writes in his logbook: "They're crazy, these people!" Actually?!

“Holy cows” are not only found on the Ganges. Even in our latitudes, they frolic in the business meadows and in private gardens alike. Many people no longer want to question their lives so that their own illusions of life and claims to protection that they have built up over the years cannot be violated.

The holy cow

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As an explanation - not only for the extraterrestrial Sinny - a look at Wikipedia: “In ethnology, a sacred cow refers to a domestic cattle that has been declared sacrosanct… In a figurative sense, a sacred cow means a taboo, something that cannot be shaken.”

Especially homely feel themselves such sacred cows in the beautiful Welt of business. Almost every Company houses such an inviolable domestic cattle. But let's just look at the whole thing through Sinny's eyes:

Logbook Sinny - 6 Tips for searching for meaning

  1. The earth-human: defines itself through what it has. If he does a lot, he gets a lot and then he is someone. So only those who have a lot are worth paying attention to. That is why people who are no longer working say if they imagine what they used to do. "I was director ...". They want to prove that they are (or were) important. They have not yet noticed that they are important and noteworthy as a person. Insane? Yes!
  2. The business earth person: defines so-called values ​​for his company in a document they call a mission statement. Values ​​are things and attitudes that are important to them. For example, it says that mutual appreciation is an important asset for this company. But in the discussions, which most of the participants classify as a waste of time in a four-way talk, people read their stories eMails or surf the web on their mobile phones while one of them speaks to everyone. Insane? And how!
  3. The employee-earth-person: sells his life to companies and gets money for it every month. Often not even very much. Absolutely surprising is that many do not really love their work. They only do it for money - to live on it. Did you understand that? These people do something eight to twelve hours a day, which they do not enjoy and do not make any real sense of. They are so dissatisfied that scientists are creating studies to measure this dissatisfaction rate. This does not change anything. Insane? No, actually sad.
  4. The Career Earth Man: spends a lot of time with further education and learns everything there about marketing, business and other important topics. Crazy? No, not at all. But it is crazy that some say that they do it only because of the diploma. This is the next step on the career ladder. If you ask them if they would like to study here, you only get sullen or uncomprehending looks. Crazy? Clear.
  5. The leisure earth person: Spends much of his time off work in front of a screen with meaningless broadcasts without real information content. He sits or lies in front of this device for three to four hours a day. Crazy? Oh yeah!
  6. The earth child: is trimmed in the training phase (they call it “school”) for equality and measurability. Everything gets "grades" so that you can compare the children's performance. There is no room for creativity, curiosity or muse. That is difficult to train again in adulthood. Many children can explain the formula for the Fibonacci sequence, but know nothing about their self-esteem, self-esteem and self-actualization. Insane? Yes, unfortunately.

Game rules viewed from the outside

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Quite likely that would be Sinny's report, “The Rules of the People,” or something similar. That reads something like black and white painting.

Of course, there are also many shades of gray. But to point things out makes them clearer - and that's what's important to make us realize the meaning.

Reflect and recognize

More and more people are (suddenly) looking for the meaning of their activity. And so often that it pays to think about how we all can make more sense in our work and in private life. Two questions should help you to search for meaning:

  1. What is preventing us from experiencing more meaning in our life or from being more conscious of meaning? : If we secretly wish, why not deal with it and try to get more into our lives? Why do not we go in search of meaning? And why do not we occasionally question our lives?
  2. What's stopping entrepreneurs from bringing more meaning to businesses? : It would be a lot more fun for the entrepreneur if he saw more sense in what he does every day. His communication would be more effective, especially with his employees, who would be happy to receive meaningful communication. The “motivational whip” would be superfluous. Customers and business partners also love companies where a corporate purpose can be recognized with meaning.


It makes “full sense” to think about these questions! Or do we want to feed our sacred cows forever?

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