Company are recognizing more and more that mixed leaders, so-called mixed leaderships, are important for the success of the company. But often there is Problems in the Communication. 8 tips to solve them.

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Mixed leadership in German companies

Some time ago, when I saw examples on the subject of Mixed Leadership many companies waved him off: Apparently, even if they had won prizes for it, the topic was somehow too sensitive to go public with it.

But it is increasingly evident in many examples and studies: when women and men successfully working together is also better for the company in the long term.

Leadership teamwork good for companies too

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For example, an analysis by the Mckinsey consulting firm of all listed European corporations has found that companies with the highest proportion of women in executive positions have a 48 percent higher profit than the industry average.

The management consultancy Accenture has also analyzed the 358 largest companies from 24 countries in Europe. The higher the proportion of women in management positions with personnel responsibility, the higher the profit.

But the problems often start somewhere else, for example in communication, and are so trivial that one has to turn to the Head want to grasp.

Venus Vs. Mars?

“Women are from Venus, men from Mars” was the title of a bestseller years ago that tackled precisely this difficult communication topic.

But even if this cliché aggravates the facts, but one thing is true: The communication behavior of women and men is often different. This results in many misunderstandings - especially in everyday working life.

Women: Prefer indirect

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Women tend to prefer to be indirect rather than overt. They need harmony and do not want to hurt their counterpart. Therefore, they keep a distinct, clear and direct Behavior often for rude.

So if you want something, they say it rather indirectly and cautiously - like "Maybe we could ..." And they tend to emphasize your shortcomings without need and without being asked, for example by saying "I've read a hundred books on the subject, but I'm still unsure. ”

Men: Grotesque self-confidence

Men, on the other hand, tend to do things that sometimes seem grotesque self-confidence through her everyday management to go. They tend to be direct and competitive. For example, if someone contradicts them, they break fast an Power struggle from the fence: "What's that on your mind? But I'll show him!" are the first reactions.

And they have no inhibitions about “my department”, “my shop”, or “mine Team”To talk for the“ I ”hire someone, even if, on closer inspection, hiring decisions are not made by a single person.

Polite women

The problems that result from this difference in everyday life are often similar; Best of HR –®-author Dr. Cornelia Topf She has experienced it over and over again in her more than twenty years as a business coach in different companies: Especially the women have problems to assert themselves in the job.

"Women often want to be polite," explains the management trainer, who also wrote the book "Assertiveness for Women". "In case of doubt, however, this is only perceived as polite if the person in front of me has the same gender as me and I can therefore assume that they think, feel and act in a similar way to me."

Egoism necessary

When Ms. So if she wants to assert herself, she has to say what she wants more clearly. A certain degree of selfishness is also necessary, as Topf knows: "Understanding for others tends to be good and right," she says. However, "woman" shouldn't overdo it: "Who is more sensitive to the needs who thinks of others as his own, shoots at that Objective out. "

But men should also pay more attention to the needs of women, because they can gain new perspectives through them, advises the management trainer: “Men and women should pull together instead of working against each other as opponents. And to eliminate the communicative differences is Trust necessary. You have to work this out together!”

8 tips for communication

Men do not understand women and vice versa - 8 Examples of communicative misunderstandings that give tips on how to do better in a given situation.

  1. The woman wants to build a good working environment or seeks confirmation: "I'm not sure, maybe it's a stupid idea, but don't you think we should call a team meeting again?" Male colleagues and bosses feel submissive and insecure.
  2. The: Woman wants to show competence without being in the foreground: "I've read a hundred books on the subject, but I'm still unsure." The man thinks: "Like, read 100 books and still have no idea - they never make it"
  3. The woman wants to be constructive without being too demanding: “I would like to attend a seminar on negotiation. Would there still be a place and what would it cost? ” The colleague thinks: “She doesn't know what she wants”
  4. The woman lets the boss hang out: "Mr Dr. Müller, you first go to room 10 to prepare for the operation, then to the embolism in 12 for follow-up care and then check the medication in 18. ” The woman thinks: "Hopefully my command tone won't hurt him!" However, the employee is grateful for the clear instruction!
  5. The man wants to emphasize his competences: “Thanks to my excellent leadership skills, my department solved this difficult task with flying colors.” The colleague thinks: “Such a show off!” The boss thinks: "Capable man!"
  6. The man clarifies the ranking: "Let me do it, give it to me, I'm an expert!" The man thinks: "Boa ey, he has what it takes." The woman feels that like an assault, arrogance or aggression. The result is a defensive stance and defense.
  7. The man discovers compliments as verbal attacks: "Well, you probably also gargle with gravel!" “I prefer to stand in front of the fridge. It is still warmer there than in your area. ” The colleague is personally offended! The man thinks: "How well he recognized my strengths"
  8. The man puts himself in the foreground: “I made the team successful” instead of “The team did an excellent job”. Men tend to be more impressed, women perceive this as a demonstration of power and unpleasant trumps.

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