Company can in Future only survive if they die Intelligence and attract the full creative power of top talent. Because the market is merciless. And the customers know no mercy. In every “moment of truth” something big has to happen.

touchpoint management

Customers always consider a company as a unit

Customers perceive a company as a whole. Even if it is stuck in just one spot or a single one Employees blunders, then that can already mean the end today. That's why employee development shouldn't just be about promoting a few high potentials with a lot of effort.

Regardless of whether they are employed on a permanent or temporary basis, and regardless of whether they are involved as internal or external employees on a project-by-project basis: All employees must be able and willing to deliver their best performance. How does a company do that? Through the collaborator touchpoint management.

What the Collaborator Touchpoint Management Can Do

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Collaborator touchpoint management, known in German as employee contact point management, means the coordination of all points of contact between managers and employees Organization.

Objective The four-stage process is to improve the quality of contact, to create inspiring workplace conditions and - within the framework of an appreciative climate - to create appealing performance opportunities.

Every interaction between “top” and “bottom” can be used as an opportunity to increase the excellence of the employees, to strengthen their emotional connection to the company and to trigger effective word of mouth both internally and externally.

Between great enthusiasm and bitter disappointment

At each touchpoint can be positive as well negative Experiences are made that strengthen or wear down an employee relationship or allow employee commitment to grow or crumble. Every incident can tip the scales.

For this reason, the different types of employees and the resulting employee behavior are analyzed in the Collaborator Touchpoint Management, in order to identify the individual work motifs and to promote the specific talents better.

In this way, interpersonal as well as organizational motivational inhibitors should be recognized and put away. In the end, it is a sum of details that determines whether an employee remains “must” or “wants”, whether he achieves average or top performance, and whether he stays or leaves.

An employee's “journey” through the company

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Collaborator Touchpoint Management looks at an employee's "journey" through the company and starts from their point of view. It takes into account the requirements of our new Working world. It organizes their increasing complexity into an overall system. And all employees are geared towards the well-being of customers.

Thus, the intensive discussion with each internal touchpoint not only increases the employee's performance, but also frees up efficiency reserves. It leads to resource optimization as well as time and cost savings. And externally, it leads to a strengthening of the employer brand, to a higher customer loyalty, to the acquisition of new customers by recommendation and thus to healthy returns.

The points to be worked on are tackled together with the members of the organization. In this way, the company's own people become active advisors to the management, which often makes expensive consulting by large consulting firms unnecessary. Because most Background is already in the companies, it just needs to be teased out.

The Collaborator Touchpoint Management in four steps

In step 1, all interaction points are viewed that a Candidate with the company and an employee has or could have in the context of working with a manager. The events that happen there are assigned to the categories "disappointing", "okay" and "exciting". It is about both the critical events and the positive experiences that happen there or, in the worst case, could happen. The employees are actively involved in this analysis phase by asking suitable questions.

Step 2 includes defining the desired target situation and exploring suitable (more) procedures at those points of interaction that you want to optimize for the targeted groups of employees. This involves both a corporate culture basis and, specifically, what is desired and undesired. Love points have to be strengthened and pain points eliminated as quickly as possible.

Step 3 deals with that Planning and Implementation developed by Measures, which lead from the analyzed actual situation to the desired target situation. Much has to be done by the executives themselves Hand be taken, some things can be taken to one internal touchpoint manager transferred, and some can be conceived together with the employees in the context of large group events. Less is more. So you choose a topic that is already burning everyone's nails. Or you start with a few important touchpoints. Or you can choose a “Quick Win” to start, a measure that promises quick results.

Step 4 is about monitoring results and optimizing leadership. Touchpoint measures should above all have a positive effect on the employee-related key figures, such as the average length of stay, the fluctuation rate, the illness, the employee's willingness to recommend and the employee productivity.

CTMP_Collaborator Tochpoint Management

At the end of the path is an organization that is highly efficient - and deeply humane.

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