The adjusted gender pay amounts to around 7 percent of the income. Nevertheless, 7 employees of 10 expect that women in their Companys are remunerated in the same way as men for the same work.

Gender Pay Gap

"Not in my house"

2095 is the year when the salary gap between women and men will finally be closed. According to the World Economic Forum. A recent Glassdoor study also examined the details of the perception of the salary gap, including the impact on applicant behavior. Result: in Germany to earn women even at equal qualification and activity today still about 7 percent less than men.

Without taking the adjusting factors into account, the gender pay gap is even 22 percent. Nevertheless, many employees do not believe in the salary gap, at least not with their employer: 73 percent of Germans assume that women and men at their Workplace receive the same remuneration for the same work.

Salary equality: Perceived perception is different

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This is shown by the results of Glassdoor's first Global Gender Pay Gap Survey, in which more than 8.000 workers in Germany and six other western industrialized nations (France, United Kingdom, Canada, Netherlands, USA and Switzerland) were interviewed about their attitudes and perceptions on the topic ,

Employees across borders are in agreement that women and men receive the same pay for the same work should, In Germany, 90 percent of respondents. The proportion is higher only in the US (93 percent).

Gender Pay Gap influences the behavior of men and women

And unequal wages not only cause resentment in the workplace, but can also lead to job seekers not even looking for a job apply. 3 out of 5 German employees stated that they would not apply to a company where they suspected a gender pay gap.

And this does not only apply to women: While 69 percent of the women surveyed would prefer not to apply, 53 percent of men would also refrain from applying to an employer with insufficient gender pay.

Respondents see government in duty

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To the Problem To combat the gender pay gap, there are different starting points. Politicians have been campaigning for a legal regulation for more equal pay for some time now. Initiatives such as the Equal Pay Day also do this I aufmerksamthat there is a significant pay gap.

Every year in March there is this day, which symbolically marks the point in time up to which women would work for free, provided they were to earn the same as men from now on.

Which factors promote wage equity?

Laws for more wage equity, a redesign of company policies and generally more transparency on the subject salary are among the most important across countries according to the Glassdoor study Measures against the unequal payment of Ms. and man.

In Germany, 41 percent of workers whose employers they believe have a pay gap believe the government should force employers to match workers with equal experience and work. While 26 percent are in favor of a new company policy on the subject of salary and remuneration, 15 percent want greater internal salary transparency.

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