How can you Company stand out from others and attract talent? Candidate increasingly have high expectations of potential employers. HR departments are therefore testing new ones Strategies and technologies to meet those needs and differentiate themselves from the competition.

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Employer Branding: The first impression is decisive

Like potential new ones Employees Experiencing your recruiting process says a lot about your company. Almost 80 percent of applicants say this is a good indication of how the company treats its employees. It should come as no surprise that companies that excel at recruiting and job interview leave a good impression, the desired Candidates also win.

But what makes a positive experience in recruiting? In the following, we will use three examples to show how companies can use cloud-based HR-Systems and applicant data, attracting talent innovatively and also employing them.

1. Personalize: Get to know your applicants

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Personalization makes the difference. masseMails are deleted by applicants almost immediately upon receipt, especially by Peoplewho are not actively looking for a job. Individual relevance, content and the creation of "micro-moments" are zeitgeist - and not stereotypes and "copy / paste" texts.

The Combination From cloud-based HR systems and a more comprehensive analysis of applicant data, companies can address potential new employees in a much more targeted manner. This is how organizations learn by analyzing the social activities, the preferred topics of conversation and the influence on the Network the applicant much about the interests and the Character the candidate. Some companies are even using smartphone GPS data to target new employees for location-based positions.

2. Community Building: Not just communicating but sharing

With better knowledge of an applicant's interests and habits, HR teams can approach the potential employee with more personalized materials. It is not enough to send a job offer or job description to potential candidates. Most of the time, these texts are close to being silent.

So you have to show what a position is really about and that the company has resources that are beneficial to the new hire. Invitations to events or Online-Trainings give the applicants an impression of what your Organization has to offer and represent a good opportunity to arouse the interest of the candidates.

3. Monitoring: Monitor and measure

The way how and where people look for jobs is constantly being readjusted. As a result, employee recruitment is constantly being innovated. Companies must develop a clear view of the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiting channels.

This is where HR departments need to leverage HR analytics to measure achievements and weaknesses measure their recruitment strategies. By continuously tracking key metrics like content click-through rates and shares, open rates of eMails and, of course, measuring the number of occupied jobs, companies can refine the most successful strategies and finish the unsuccessful ones.

It is important to ensure that the processes of employee recruitment are fully integrated with the general personnel data. Here, an integrated HR cloud platform offers real added value. For example, data from a candidate can be matched against previous data on the performance of peers, giving HR teams a better chance of finding the right new employee.

The bottom line is that the first impression a potential candidate receives from your company can just as well be the last, especially if he is not actively looking for a job. The best talents know that they are being courted and can afford to be picky. It is the job of HR teams to ensure a personalized experience for applicants that leaves a compelling first impression.

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