Anyone who is aiming for a promotion should not simply wait and hope that the work done will be rewarded, but that they will become active themselves. With these 8 steps you accelerate the process.

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Clear corporate structures for a clean ascent

In general, prepare yourself first of all Employees, who want to grow professionally, anticipate a possible promotion and accordingly put in a lot of effort at work. If the following tips are also taken into account, the desire for a promotion is within reach.

But there are also certain formalities and options from the company's point of view that help to make promotions as uncomplicated and transparent as possible. In principle, the circumstances on the part of the company should always be taken into account and adjusted if necessary in order to ensure a smooth process Ascent enable for all involved.

Personnel development is important

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Above all, employers who offer continuous feedback options are characterized by the occupation of higher positions by the right employee. In this train dives in Corporate increasingly the keyword “personnel development” is inevitable.

Ideally, when it comes to promotions, this aspect should be addressed by the leaders themselves and refer to offers regarding training and education.

Target agreements: companies and employees benefit

In this case, both sides benefit, since the employee is better prepared for the new position and can start with a good gut feeling. Executives on the other hand, you can rest assured that the most important skills for the relevant position have been learned or refreshed.

But clear structures also help both HR management and employees to assess their current position and career path. In some cases, special milestones or number-based targets that have been agreed in advance and on which a promotion is established may be appropriate.

With plan to goal: keyword self-marketing

However, this depends both on the type of company and on the position - in the case of sales activities, this may be easier and more appropriate than, for example, administration.

In any case, however, it is important not only to set requirements for a job when needed, but to clearly communicate to the employee the circumstances under which a promotion is made.

Carriage: weigh the pros and cons

First of all, everyone should make themselves aware of where they currently stand in professional life and how theirs is Future should look like in the next three years. You can only make the effort to climb the ladder if you have concrete goals and visions and then radiate this outwardly.

However, you must also remember that a promotion is usually a higher one salary means, but in most cases also entails more responsibility and work. In addition, there is almost inevitably a shift in tasks, since there are more managerial matters and interdisciplinary ones Competencies must be taken over, which is another Motivation demand.

8 steps to promotion: How to determine Active about your future career

Are you aware of the consequences and changes that come with career advancement and a promotion is still yours Objective, so you can your Career with the following points and actively determine your professional future.

1. Show commitment and interest

If a promotion should come about, above all achievements, successes and constant interest in the daily business tasks count. This means that in addition to the framework tasks that make up the individual position, other projects can also be taken over.

Also through the active support of colleagues in Team it becomes clear that action is taken in the interest of the company and the processes involved and that initiative is shown beyond one's own work. In concrete terms, it is particularly helpful to independently start new projects, ideas and to propose concepts and to accept changes or improvements after consultation. In addition, it is always advisable to attend further training courses or external training courses that deepen specialist knowledge and also strengthen personal skills.

2. Convince with initiative and courage

Not only Engagement and fulfilling duties are important criteria for promotion, but also a certain willingness to take risks and a creative approach. That doesn't mean overzealously making decisions that haven't been properly thought through.

Rather, you should dare to think your own way and try out new things, away from fixed structures. This opens up new possibilities and perspectives, but also offers potential for success. In any case, it is important to Discipline approaching a task with focus and focus – then the effort made counts at least as much as the milestones reached.

3. Highlight personal qualities

In many higher positions, certain character traits are expected to be a prerequisite for assuming responsibility. In particular, features such as resistance to stress and assertiveness are often indicators of staffing. But also authenticity and integrity as well as a transparent and open way count as important personality traits, when it comes to higher positions.

A balanced measure of Personality and seriousness characterize career people, as they focus on eye level communicate with employees, but at the same time be able to behave in a particularly conscientious and professional manner. But characteristics that stand for the individual personality should also be emphasized in order to stand out from other colleagues. The interpersonal level should not be underestimated either: Employees who ensure a good working atmosphere are particularly good at motivating their colleagues and promoting successful cooperation.

4. Early practice - advance to adapt to action

If a promotion is sought, what will be required later should also be established in advance: This means that it must be considered now what the desired position will entail and which ones Tasks include. Then you can do what you want Behavior already be tried and even acquired and qualifications, as reflected decision making, critical ability and open Communication, can already in Everyday life .

Basically, it is always advantageous to think, act and appear in this way before even perceiving a higher position, in order to enable a transition that is as free of complications as possible. If you work constantly openly, responsibly and reliably over a certain period of time, that too can Executive perceive and assess suitability for a higher position.

5. Build your own network

Successful career planning also includes a wide range of contacts in the company - this does not necessarily mean that these are necessary for promotion, but one's own appearance in the company becomes more present and in exchange with colleagues from the most diverse areas of the company Conversation also frequently raises the topic of internal job vacancies.

That's why small talk sessions at the coffee machine are also useful to learn more about working outside of your own department and to have an overview of key business processes. It's even better to connect with others on career platforms like Xing or LinkedIn. With a well-groomed profile The contacts be kept up-to-date, if advanced training or additional qualifications were acquired.

6. Check Location: Which options are possible?

Following on from the previous point, it is important to actively search for vacancies and Eyes to keep open. It is particularly helpful to pay attention to open positions across departments that would be suitable with a bit of familiarization time and self-initiative.

Because positions in other areas of the company can also be interesting: The prerequisite is a comparison of the existing and required qualifications - if you are interested, you can then work towards a specific position. As before, 60 percent of all promoters are internal employees from the company, because above all the strengths and also weaknesses are already known. Only if there is a lack of know-how in the company or if new impulses are required are external ones used Candidate preferred. In any case, it is important that all options are considered.

7. Attention as the key to success

In addition to the attitude and suitable qualifications, performance and the successes already achieved in the company are also important for a promotion. However, it is particularly important to target them I aufmerksam close.

All of the above are important indicators and selection criteria when it comes to filling a (higher) position, but they only produce the desired result, though they are emphasized and perceived by others. Waiting and hoping that the work will be rewarded will in most cases not lead to the desired result. Therefore, for example, regular feedback talks are useful in which they talk about their work and also discuss their own wishes and goals.

8. Clear and open communication

Especially in feedback discussions, but also in everyday life, it is important to clearly convey what your own goals look like and what has already been achieved specifically for them. Especially when it comes to a promotion, perhaps also with responsible management tasks, expressiveness has to be demonstrated and clear communicated what your own vision looks like.

To do this, however, you must always observe in advance where your own strengths and weaknesses and preferences lie. Honest self-reflection is indispensable and an absolute requirement when the topic of promotion is addressed and successfully should run.

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