Our lives inevitably mean that we are stressed or depressed from time to time. Are People however full Anxiety or permanently depressed, this usually has tangible reasons that need to be recognized and perceived.

Anxiety & Stress, Burnout & Depression: How we find our way back to a meaningful life

Mental problems? Not me!

Very few people with a mental Problem could have dreamed that they of all people would be "caught". And yet it is a topic that almost everyone has dealt with at some point. In the past, people were sometimes lethargic or apathetic. At some point, many felt stressed and overwhelmed. Meanwhile the 'Burnout' reached the mainstream - it's a little different when it comes to depression.

Regardless of the form, it is important to know that a mental illness never develops linearly, but always exponentially. At first there are only a few days on which we “are not in a good mood”. We think we slept badly. We are convinced that we just have to relax. But we also have good days. Besides, there are only four weeks left until the next vacation. And without knowing it, we have long been in the middle of pathophysiological events.

Exhausted and no longer efficient

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Burnout syndrome (burn out, physical side) and fallout syndrome (failing, especially brain output) - both can be described as the end stage of a developmental line that leads through frustrating experiences to disillusionment and apathy as well as to psychosomatic disorders and depressive tendencies. The energy reserves are used up, as a result the person concerned feels empty, dull, exhausted and powerless.

The common belief that burnout only needs exercise, good food, more free time, and vacations is a catastrophic mistake. This only makes the patient feel worthless and unable to be integrated. It's not permanent relaxation Solution, but finding your way back into meaningful and fulfilling activity.

A lasting sadness that completely fills us

Depression - the person concerned no longer sees any light on the horizon, everything seems sad and gray on gray. An emotional hole, a comprehensive emotional depression that goes hand in hand with the loss of joy, interest and drive paired with hopelessness and hopelessness. In addition to a massively reduced self-esteem, there is a leaden melancholy that can hardly cheer up the person concerned.

Depression is the most common mental health disorder. Women tend to do this about twice as often as men, but this is questionable since men are better able to conceal this. In the literature we find many different terms such as "endogenous", "affected", "neurotic" or "reactive depression", "exhaustion", "old age" or "winter depression". The fact is that the number of depression is increasing exorbitantly.

The personal mood ...

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hardly anything is more individual! Joy, happiness and cheerfulness, but also the uneasiness of the mind have an enormous range, a great depth, an abundance of backgrounds and variants. Upsets aren't just simple Stress, they become the result of our limbic System transferred to the thalamus and thus inscribe themselves in our central regulation.

If it goes beyond that, the situation becomes independent and leads to long-lasting emotional states and the resulting ones emotions. It is important that all upsets - but also all joys - fall back on the same signaling pathways in the hormonal system and nervous system. With this we have a manifestation on a hormonal and neurovegetative level.

The hormonal scenario

The limbic system has so far been viewed across the board as a place that creates an overall picture of our initial psychological situation. However, in order to better understand the hormonal system and its regulation in relation to stress and fear reactions, we have to get to know the two crucial building blocks better:

Im Corpus amygdaloid (also "Reptilian-Brain’) sits our ‘will to survive’. Even before we have really perceived a real danger, let alone analyzed it, it kicks in within milliseconds. Together with the hippocampus (often incorrectly referred to as opponents) both form a functional unit to control neuronal and hormonal reactions.

It is crucial to first perceive a trigger, not to react excessively and to learn from it - with the Objectivein Future to react proactively. Every reaction set in motion is communicated via the hippocampus to the cortex, in particular the prefrontal cortex, and is confronted with and reflected upon. In feedback, it is then also the cortex that is able to give the amygdala the decisive command to stop the reaction – again via the hippocampus. This principle is one of the essential therapeutic approaches of meaningful psychotherapy.

Help through (bio) resonance

The entire function of the brain, the connection with the body, the bio-Feedback-System as well as the connection with the heart offer no explanation for the "consciousness", the "soul", the "feelings" and everything that we call "free human will". The mental-spiritual-psychic level can neither be replaced by the bio-energetic nor by the bio-chemical level.

It is something completely different, however, to see the neurons and the supporting tissue for what they are - namely cells with a metabolism that have needs such as blood sugar and oxygen - so we can influence their supply. Since the brain is part of the body tissue, the laws of Resonance, so that bioresonance also has its full place here.

However, I would like to warn against considering depression (deep, severe sadness, leaden melancholy), bipolar disorder (the constant alternation between depression and euphoria), CFS (constant tiredness and exhaustion) or burnout / fallout as primarily physical problems. Brain health, the improvement of brain output or the development of neuronal structures are certainly also very helpful in the case of mental illnesses. But without a real, effective psychotherapeutic Concept nothing will change. Only both together form the essential background to find your way back to a stress-resistant and meaningful, happy and healthy life.

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