Corporate culture plays an important role in the struggle for IT-Talents. The dictum is highly traded, especially in young companies. But what does that actually mean? And above all: How do IT companies find their own company culture?

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Almost every company is looking for them. The really good ones are hard to find and even harder to retain. The Rede is by programmers, who are probably among the most important employees in the digital age. They use their skills to write the script for the Future.

From our annual survey, the Worldwide Developer Report, we know that for Developer much more matters than just that salary at the end of the month. They can choose where and what they work on. Reason enough to take a closer look at the topic and show what role corporate culture plays in it.

What is corporate culture and does it really need that?

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Corporate Culture, also known as Company Culture, is a popular buzzword. It describes which values ​​are important to the company and what it stands for. These can be social, ethical or economic points.

Many companies make resolutions like, “Mistakes are human and allowed. As a company, we want ours Employees support them to learn from mistakes and help them on their way.” Company culture is therefore the values ​​that provide a guideline for company decisions and cooperation among colleagues, superiors and customers describe.

Values ​​as a unique selling point

These values ​​are immensely important as a unique selling proposition because they are one's own Company give a personal touch and in the best case even bind employees.

If they identify with the values ​​and authentic as long as it is handled with integrity, it will be difficult for competitors to poach colleagues away. Those who deal well with their own employees will see that they become brand ambassadors for their own workplace. That's the right way to motivate them.

In 5 steps to the company culture

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But how do companies get into a company culture that radiates inwards and outwards? These 5 tips will help you:

1. Defining Company Culture:

The best way to determine company culture is to write down what you stand for: Are transparency, honesty and support important to you? Or maybe it's hard work, productivity and competition? Everything is possible, there is no right or wrong, but empty phrases such as “passion” or “entrepreneurial thinking” should be avoided.

The long-term ones are a good guide Set of Company and how with People - regardless of whether employees, service providers or just guests are to be dealt with. At the same time, it should be ensured that the values ​​on the one hand Motivation the employee increase and at the same time make them the center of corporate decisions.

Another good tip: 3 company values ​​are better than 10, because you can remember them better and less meaningful here.

2. To present oneself as something special:

A good starting point is for companies to focus on the things they are really good at or what the employees are passionate about. Search fields for these special features are, for example Team, the products, the working atmosphere and the collaboration as well as the challenges and the influence the work of developers will have.

knowledge sharing and Further Training among the corporate values ​​should be highlighteds. More concretely, it means showing how colleagues are learning further or that you give your employees time to meet to discuss problems or issues ideas to speak.

3. Daily life of values:

The company culture must always be cultivated. Especially at change like new employees, rapidly growth or buying up the company, it is particularly important that the defined corporate values ​​are adhered to. Employees then rely on these, which can avoid uncertainties. In this case, openly address the issues in a team meeting and refer to the company culture.

It must also be made clear to each employee that he or she is responsible on a daily basis for confirming the company's values: in dealings with customers, colleagues, parcel deliverers or cleaning staff.

4. Use social media as a channel:

It does not have to be complicated to communicate lived company values. In everyday use of social networks, companies should occasionally post posts that underline the company culture. Show how employees help each other or at conferences.

Instagram, Facebook etc. are well suited because they can authentically show how employees are dealt with. Write blog articles on current developments such as promotions or conference attendance; they show that you care for and care for your employees. These things have a tremendous charisma nowadays.

5. Be sure to include corporate governance:

An immensely important point are role models in a company. They have to live up to their corporate values ​​and prove their integrity: an open culture of mistakes, for example, does not go hand in hand with screaming bosses.

The value “doer” does not match a number of coordination loops with the management level. Management in particular must set a good example and set an example for employees here.

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