Virtual cooperation thus thrives on the few but intensive face-to-faceMeetings how about digital “management by walking around” in which you can Technology (Skype, chats, video conferences) for personal conversations.

Virtual teamwork

 Kick-off meetings

Kick-off meetings are particularly important at the beginning of a project, both inConversation as throughout Team, as well as with "fixed virtual team structures" and large global spread meetings at least once or twice a year. The accruing Costs are due to the “trust bonus” with each virtual Contact via Skype, chat or collaboration using Yammer, Lync saved many times over.

These global meetings in particular offer time and space to talk openly about differences and diversity in the team, to find common regulations and procedures, but above all the team as a People to weld together using Fun and celebrations together.

Listen and learn from each other

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Listening is one of the most important skills for Guide and career in the digital age, – focused listening with “real” individual attention. Leading in the digital world Welt requires the ability to keep an overview in high dynamics, to deal with the new variety of thinking and working styles and decision-making, to bring capacities together, to live values ​​and to promote personal relationships. However, this requires time, personal openness and the Courage, to allow closeness to find out about preferences, Set, to exchange different approaches, together Solutions to find and learn from and with each other.

Digitized forms of collegial cooperation therefore require virtual ethics, emotional ones Intelligence and training. training for both Employees like managers. Of the 87% managers, only 16% received any training for virtual work at all, and this only in handling the tools. Hardly anyone has dealt with the Regulate concerning Communication, Cooperation, ethics of a digital, culturally diverse cooperation.

The 7 success factors for virtual routing

  1. Mindful corporate culture: The values ​​of the corporate culture provide the framework, the orientation, according to which rules and guidelines, for which sense and purpose, a vision is worked on together.
  2. Find “Adult Employees”: Team-oriented and with high self-motivation and self-control, which above all share the values ​​and vision of the company.
  3. Onboarding process: To invest a lot of time in the beginning: to give guidance and support to grow into the organization, to familiarize new employees with the structures, values ​​and objectives of the company. Clarify how IT and collaboration tools work. Where and how knowledge, documents and results are stored in knowledge and project databases. How communication is maintained, which wording, what reaction times are usual. How conflicts are communicated. Mentors from leadership and colleagues who are available for questions and support.
  4. Being interested in people and making clear goals: Feel and understanding of individuality: work style, preferences, personal priorities, basic conditions and objectives. Clarify the expectations of leadership, performance, growth opportunities, teamwork and approach. A mutual process to dismantle the discrepancy between self-perception and the perception of others on the part of both the executive and the employee, and to build up mutual understanding and appreciation.
  5. Trust employees and “let go”: If points 1 to 4 have been observed, the manager believes in the person and gives freedom, authority and delegation. She can “let go” with trust in the result orientation and the employee's sense of responsibility: Trust is good - control is not better, but rather demotivating.
  6. Maintain intensive feedback culture, open communication based on partnership: Digital “management by walking around” - via Skype and visual collaboration tools, in which facial expressions and gestures can convey the respective mood. Open chat forums, wikis, digital boards where team members can quickly find out about the status and results 24/7 and bridge time differences, as well as knowledge databases in which knowledge such as lessons learned (positive error culture) is available at all times and for everyone is.
  7. Create a new meeting culture and strengthen the sense of community: In addition to personal face-to-face, weekly video or teleconferencing, there should be sufficient room for informal communication - without a goal, just for fun (virtual lunch, virtual coffee hour). At the weekly meetings, watch for global time shifts and balance the burden.

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