Regardless of whether it is a professional or private matter: life constantly demands decisions from us. This is often difficult because each decision involves risks and the exact consequences are not foreseeable.


The dilemma of decision-makers

For Executives the decision is the most important task. That is why they are also often called decision-makers. But often means decide taking risks and dealing with conflict situations. The psyche doesn't like to do either of these things.

In our increasingly complex World there are many decision-making situations with uncertain results for leaders. Adopt a professional attitude towards decisions. Accept that uncomfortable decision-making situations are part of your job.

Common reasons for incorrect decisions

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This also includes incorrect decisions. Executives who want to avoid wrong decisions in any case do not decide. Or they put themselves under enormous pressure, which endangers their own well-being.

Leaders are very different in difficult decision-making situations. There is no such thing as a royal road to make the right decisions. However, avoid the following mistakes to strengthen your chances for making good decisions.

Decision-making dilemma: Fear of decision

Many decision-making situations do not lead to clearly positive results. Rosi Tauscher also has to put up with disadvantages in this situation – no matter how she decides. If she refuses her employee's vacation, he will be demotivated, if she approves it, the requirements of the customers and their boss are not fulfilled. By the way, the option ›do nothing‹ is also a decision. She gets dating often Anxiety made before the consequences of other decisions.

The situation was complex. Her Employees was waiting for his leave request to be approved, the Customer Paul GmbH on the promise of the delivery date and you Executive on the new customer loyalty concept. Rosi Tauscher was at a loss. Should you withdraw the already promised vacation and risk that your employee would be angry then? Or better put off the customer and their boss? In the end she decided to wait and see - in the hope that the situation would take care of itself.

Do not delay

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Many Boy Executives tend to put off important decisions to avoid the risks involved. There are also cases in which this is wise: if essential aspects are still unclear and waiting does not involve any disadvantages.

In most cases, however, the non-decision is the worst decision. The situation may worsen or others decide in the end for you. Get clear from the start: you can not decide!

Better than flash decision

But it's not too quick to decide useful. It is true that managers who make quick decisions are often perceived as doers and decision-makers.

However, the price for this is high: the decisions lack thoroughness and that Risks for wrong decisions increases.

The typical maker and quick decision maker

A practical example, the typical doer. He loves lightning decisions. These like energetic act. But after a calm and thorough examination of the Problem often result in new and creative insights ways, to solve the problem.

Ludwig Reiser felt uneasy when he immediately promised his boss that he would set up the new department. After all, he was fully occupied with his existing task and he hardly had any free time. On the other hand, he was known for being hands-on and difficult ones Tasks to solve. He didn't want to jeopardize this reputation by rejecting the boss.

Pure feeling decisions

Do not confuse flash decisions with decision strength. If you tend to make quick decisions, then take back consciously. Sit down in peace with the situation. New aspects and decision-making options always lead to better decisions. Even if the first pulse decision is selected at the end.

He ended the customer meeting directly with a promise of the desired IT-Services. Samuel Lehner had a good feeling: the new customer was satisfied and his colleagues would manage it if they just tried. The technical colleagues were blown away when they found out what the customer's specifications included: "We have neither the know-how nor the necessary employees for this."

Do not decide against the feeling

To decide against our feelings for sure unwise. As an unconscious navigation system, it protects us from shoals and serious mistakes. It's in clear faster than our minds and errs far less often. On the other hand, a good feeling alone is not enough to make the right decisions. The big disadvantage of emotional decisions: We can't check and improve them! Or as Immanuel Kant said:

“The need to make a decision goes beyond recognizing the possibility.”

Always pay attention to your feelings when making important decisions. It supports you in making quick decisions in critical situations. Take the time to examine your emotional decisions analytically: What are the arguments for and against the decision? What risks and opportunities are associated with the decision? Which Alternatives stay unconsidered?

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