Changes that are questionable are all too often demanded or desired in the work context. Because: one Personality Can not do anything about it.


The core of personality

Basically, it is assumed that the human being has a largely unchangeable core, which is referred to as personality and which makes up the individual. Humans have a set of abilities to do this. Under that one understands on facilities based requirements for the provision of services.

Skills are the parts of a skill that are learned or acquired Performance. There are a number of other terms here, preferably also in English. However, the essence always remains the same: we assume that human beings have an unchangeable core that defines them and that we share with them Respect have to face.

What people can change

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There are also parts that can be learned and that change without the core of the person changing or having to change. From a developmental perspective, this is for sure a point of view worth discussing because it is very simplified, but it proves to be extremely practical for Die World of feedback.

Basically and by definition, feedback is possible and useful for what one does and for what one can actually change, but not for how one is. Of course, this only seems to make a clear distinction, but it is completely sufficient for a pragmatic view.

Respect Please!

Fundamental is the respect for the personality of the employee, which you can not comment on with feedbacks, evaluate and assess and certainly not change.

We are happy to label such attempts at change, which unfortunately are not uncommon and belong to the dramatic management mistakes, as deliberately disparaging Term ›Therapy light‹.

Therapy light?

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He wants to brand the area that work on personality has nothing to do with Guide to do and that trying to tamper with this is brutal and irresponsible. Putting the ethical dimension aside, one immediately and almost inevitably brings people into the resistance, if you try to re-educate them in the sense of supposedly necessary personality optimization.

the clear ones steps of the resonance feedback offer simple help here. Anyone who sticks to this is working on exactly what should and can be worked on in the sense of leadership.

Feedback in Leadership Context

A number of different focal points of a manager's work can be distinguished. Most of them are natural Communication significantly involved and feedback plays a role for many. Depending on the area of ​​work Executives more or less to see to it that their subordinates get on. It is not uncommon for feedback processes to be used as centrally seen.

In general, feedback is used to inform the employee about how their performance is viewed, and finally, feedback is useful, which reconciles the cooperation on both sides.
“Stay away from those who try to belittle your ambitions. Small minds always do that, but the really big ones give you the feeling that you too can grow up! "
Mark Twain (author, * 1835 † 1910)

Overview: Main application fields of feedback in leadership context

In addition to these three large groups, there are, of course, feedback during the training period (acquisition or refinement of skills or skills) and feedback in the context of team development, meeting feedback and feedback in the context of conflict management and, and, and. In the more detailed description, we restrict ourselves here to a large extent to the three fields mentioned above.

Human image: The employee as a plasticine?

In all three areas (performance, advance, co-operation), it is about making available to the employee perceptions that he himself can not have and which can generate resonance.

This is particularly common in the leadership context Ideathat people would have to change, in the direction of the Executive or from Corporate it is asked for. This is often called development and linguistically reminds a little of unwinding the unfinished human being.

“We are still coaching ourselves”

We would like to point out once again that this is a strange and possibly questionable human image. You hire an employee, because you have decided that it is the right person. It is the right person, with the right personality and the right equipment at skills and abilities.

As soon as he starts working, you start working to develop in the direction desired by the company (whoever that is). You coach him here and there… (Treat yourself to the irritating experience of listening to conversations between executives and employees, for example on the sidelines of management training. Quite disturbing! An exemplary highlight: “We are still coaching ourselves.”)

Respect for the individual

With all the euphoria about Feedback (and in companies through personnel development and learning processes) there must always be respect for the individual and the realistic and fair handling of the desire for change and changeability.

Resonance feedback provides cues for a careful process that enables reverberation. The extent to which the feedback recipient draws conclusions from this is his own decision.

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