Do you know that? Toiled day in and day out, always dutifully demolished all overtime - and then found that the colleague in the Office next door earns a lot more than you do yourself? Anyone who then, in a rage, storms to his superior and gives him a bold “Executive, I want more Money” has already lost.

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The most common error about salary

Because there are several misconceptions behind it. The most common misconception: Life is fair, bosses and colleagues already see how much work you do and come back when the time comes Performance with a reasonable salary proposal. And while you wait, the frustration quietly and secretly builds up.

Nothing is more important for the optimal salary negotiation than clear and to be able to communicate in a friendly manner. Just Womensays Best of HR -® author and management trainer Cornelia Topf, author of the book “Salary negotiations for cheeky women”, are often too modest in salary negotiations. For example, you place more value on family-friendly working hours than on high ones salary. And because money is a taboo subject, they are simply embarrassed to ask for more.

10 tips to get more money

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The right Strategy To get more money, on the other hand, is not just to wait patiently, but to take action yourself - but not on a whim, but strategically well-considered, step by step. 10 tips on how to do this:

1. The right thing

A basic requirement to make more money to earn is to bring the right skills, namely the ones who can Companys also needs and is therefore willing to buy them for more money. Anyone who finds that their own value on the job market is not high enough should continue their education accordingly, read specialist literature, acquire specialist knowledge in a specific area of ​​responsibility - and talk about it. Because in this way employees show that they achieve more than others and are competent employees for a Company indispensable.

2. Its good education a little forgotten

Our good upbringing is often to blame. Because many People do not dare to demand more salary: They do not want to annoy anyone, do not appear or have greedy Anxiety before termination. But many bosses even value employees who stand up for more pay. This shows that they are career-conscious and motivated. On the other hand, if you don't ask for a salary for a long time, you give the impression that you don't have the confidence to do anything or that you want to quit soon. And women in particular don't want to be seen as career bitches or tough ones Business-Mrs appear. Of course you don't want to become a total asshole.

3. Become aware of your own strengths

The following applies to successful salary negotiations: if you want to convince others of your abilities, you first have to be convinced of them yourself. A surprising number of people are not: they only look at theirs weaknesses and overlook their performance. A kind of diary helps here in which you meticulously enter your successes and achievements over the months. In the salary interview, you can then show the boss exactly when, for example, you will have new jobs for the company Customer won or Costs has lowered. Here you will find tips on how to support yourself better.

4. do good things and talk about it

A common misconception: It's all about performance! But a study by IBM shows that the salary depends only ten percent on personal work performance, 30 percent on the company's image - and 60 percent on the level of awareness among the manager. If you want to earn more, you should register in the Meeting Speak up more often, take on prestigious projects and give presentations so that you get more attention from the boss. Find out here why you then have the better cards in your job.

5. Never unprepared for salary

Never go unprepared into a salary talk! First, you should gather information:

It is also important to visualize your own achievements and to back them up with figures, for example. And then it's time to look at the arguments for that Conversation write down and to to practice – for example with your partner, with one Training or if necessary alone in front of the Spiegel. You can find more tips on how to create one here Rede or prepare a conversation.

6. Please do not moan!

Especially when the frustration runs deep, there is a great danger of whining instead of convincing with arguments. Then the boss has to listen to sentences like: "The cost of living has risen", "The children cost so much" or "I just can't get by with the money". Surprisingly (note the irony) this doesn't convince any boss. And comparisons with colleagues are also an absolute no-go. If you want more money, you should prove (e.g. with the success diary) that you achieve a lot, take responsibility, and that the company is innovative ideas advances or saves costs with his work.

7. Be ready to be ready

But one should also be prepared for the boss's objections and the appropriate counter-arguments, which can best be arranged in advance: three examples:

  1. Boss: “We have to cut costs” - Employees: “It is clear to me that we have to cut costs in order to increase returns. But I have already increased the return with my additional performance ”
  2. Boss: “The order situation is so bad” - Employee: “Thank you for addressing the company's financial situation. As far as I know, this is extremely good. Together with my proven additional benefits, this is reason enough to meet my desired salary ”
  3. Boss: “There are 20 others at the door who want to have your job” - Employees: “I would like to speak objectively on the subject - are you ready for this?”

Find out how to lead the boss “from below” here.

8. Put very concrete demands in € and%

“Actually, I should have earned a little more salary” – whoever starts out like this has already lost. The boss will think “Nice try” and politely escort the employee to the door. If you want more money, you have to put a specific figure on it and, if necessary, justify how you get this sum. It is best to name more than you want, so that there is still room for negotiation. Also, never accept the first offer – something more is always possible. And by no means specify a range, because then you have to be at the lower limit negotiate!

9. Play the game

The business parquet sometimes resembles a playground. Not always when the boss "No” says, it also means “no”. It's called "Negotiate with me". But then some people have fast the feeling that he couldn't do anything anyway and let go of their demands instead of staying firm and asking questions. Incidentally, this is especially the case when women negotiate with their male bosses. But: The "victim role" may be comfortable, but from this position it's just bad to negotiate. Here you can find out more about the different communication behavior of men and women.

10. Bonuses and other alternatives to more money

An Alternatives Bonuses, holiday pay and other special benefits can be added to the higher fee if the boss really sticks to his no. These alternatives are often even more lucrative in net terms than a higher salary. The range of possibilities ranges from a bonus at the end of the year or a project to company cars and benefits in kind to privileges such as office keys or company parking spaces. Another possibility is performance-based payment or bonuses. Here you will find more tips on how to negotiate rhetorically.

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