{Replik} Blended-Learning for Parents & Hochschulwatch: Tutoring in (Digital) Education?

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I've just been licking a message on the table that I do not really know if I should laugh or cry. Laugh, because tuition for parents in education often does need. And cry about how this is implemented. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

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What is “Understanding School in Germany”?

But first things first. The Coordination Office for Continuing Education and Employment eV Hamburg organizes a blended learning course for English-speaking parents. The project is called “Understanding School in Germany”.

It will be part of the ESF project School Mentors - Hand in Hand for Strong Schools, a co-operation between the KWB Training Coordination Center and Employment e. V. and the Hamburg Authority for School and Vocational Training (BSB).

Objective and process

The aim of the course is to provide parents with applicable basic knowledge about everyday school life and the transition to professional life.

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The course is as follows: The content, exercises and discussions take place in presence workshops and on the digital learning platform Blackboard Learn.

The claim behind it

The claim of the project is indeed praiseworthy, because, as one has rightly recognized, education is an important aspect of the integration. And the students need the support of their parents. This is what the press release says:

Why is the daycare so important? How can my child grow up multilingual? What happens after school? The course “Understanding School in Germany” answers parents and those who have not gone through the German school system themselves, and many other questions. Mothers and fathers from countries of origin Afghanistan, Ghana, Iran, Nigeria, Peru, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine have already successfully completed the course. Due to the great demand, it will start in English on March 18, 2015!

The project reaches the wrong

The language aspect is an aspect that bothers me about this matter: To reach the parents, where theseCourses are really necessary, one should hold theCourses in the respective country language.

Or how many of the immigrant parents from so-called non-educated classes speak English? The project does not reach those who really need it, but those who are already actively involved in the education of their children.

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Participants as mentors?

But there was obviously no money for that. For, in fact, one has obviously also thought about this and found the following solution:

The participating parents should act as honorary mentors or multipliers and pass on the information from theCourses in their language of origin to other parents. That functions in my experience probably only in individual cases.

Digital competency for all!

I see another problem: theCourses take place on a digital learning platform. This would also overwhelm many German parents with a lack of digital competence. Perhaps one would have to giveCourses in digital competence.

Anyway, that would be a brilliant idea in the digital developing country Germany: digital literacy for parents and teachers. But do we have enough teachers at all?

Digital educational institutions

Basti Hirsch, born in 1983, is an education activist / journalist / entrepreneur and lives in Berlin. Here in the video he explains the concept of the hands-on school, which corresponds to the Web 2.0 idea.

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Basti Hirsch studied Integrated Social Sciences (ISS) at Jacobs University in Bremen. After participating in the educational expedition through Germany in 2009, he was on a five-week educational expedition through the USA in 2010. Especially active on Twitter.

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From UniLeaks to university watch

On the other hand, a project went online some time ago that was long overdue in my opinion: it collects examples of questionable influences from business, such as the Aldi lecture hall at the Würzburg University of Applied Sciences or an endowed professorship funded by the energy industry.

The only question is whether the interlinking of the economy is already seen too normal and too positive to give this project the necessary response.

Who funds science?

I have on myself Best of HR – Berufebilder.de® Several examples of such examples have been reported, such as the university campus in the Egyptian holiday paradise of El Gouna, whereCourses are also financed by the Egyptian economy.

Or through the Queb association, which wants to sponsor courses and complains openly in a press release about the lack of a say in the topic and demands discounts.

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Interlinking business and teaching - flop or top?

However, when I look at some of today's students like this, I have the impression that they do not find such interlocking bad: after all, a student explained to me just this week how great it was to be able to make contacts and gain insights so early in Company gets. And for them ProfessorThe thing is practical in two respects. Or?

I am all the more pleased that Hochschulwatch has now been launched jointly by the taz, the anti-corruption organization Transparency International Deutschland eV and the fzs (free association of student bodies).

college watch

How to participate?

ProfessorInside, lecturers, employees and students at universities are now invited to fill the portal with cases and information on where the lecture halls become advertising space and where there are non-transparent contracts, such as at the University of Cologne, which signed a contract with Bayer Healthcare AG Has completed funding for cancer and heart research and is stubbornly keeping it under lock and key.

There is a wiki entry for each university, which can also be accessed via the map. Readers can edit the entries and enter their knowledge about cooperation between individual universities and companies here.

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From UniLeaks to university watch

The website is moderated by editors of the daily newspaper. The project “University watch. MachtWirtschaftUni ”is for one year. The website is now activated:

As early as 2011, under the heading “Uni-Leaks”, taz had asked its readers to name any peculiarities in the cooperation between science and business and found that the economization of universities was progressing.

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