Clean-up coach is a highly interesting job profile: in a professional and professional environment that is becoming increasingly complex Working world search People increasingly after Orientation, to Order im System – and people who help them with it.

The clearing out coach in the Süddeutschen

Orientation in a complex world

How great the need for order is is often evident at home or in the Office , where things are piled up indiscriminately in many people's homes, not even because they are attached to them, but because regular cleaning out is so difficult in the affluent society.

Throwing away in our throwaway society is difficult for many people. Because you Anxiety has to part with something that you could still need after all. In a figurative sense: Because you're afraid of missing out on something in the flood of information that bombards you every day.

Throwing away is difficult for many people

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After all, who doesn't know the commercially very successful books from Werner Tiki Kuestenmacher's Simplify series? It all started with the bestseller “Simplify your life”, later titles about simplifying partnership or life were added. There are now even books that help entrepreneurs clear out their IT should help.

The Success this title shouldn't come as a surprise: in a way that's becoming more and more complicated World most long for simple Solutions: Fast tidying up instead of tedious sorting, the simple mobile phone tariff instead of constant price comparisons, package tours instead of self-organized vacation trips.

Separate important from unimportant

And since life is otherwise so complicated, any help to simplify is gratefully accepted. Especially because it is about your own four walls, which should offer peace and relaxation at the same time, “simplify” is very important: And at the latest because people are no longer able to get their feet on the floor out of sheer chaos, but usually much earlier, the big hour strikes of the clean-up coach.

To put it simply, it helps to separate the important and the unimportant, to systematize the important things and to dispose of the unimportant clutter. Depending on the extent of the mess, support from a tidying coach can take several weeks or even months.

Why can a clean-up coach be useful?

A clean and organized environment is critical to both personal and professional success. However, for many people, cleaning and organizing can be a daunting and overwhelming task that too Stress and frustration leads. This is where a decluttering coach can make a crucial difference. A decluttering coach is a professional organizer who offers bespoke solutions to help people declutter and simplify their lives.

He has the expertise to create a personal plan draw upwho is on the Set, the lifestyle and the budget of the customers is matched. A decluttering coach can help people declutter their homes, create functional spaces, and adopt effective organizational systems. He can also give you valuable advice on how to maintain a tidy environment and develop healthy habits to prevent getting caught in Future clutter accumulates. Whether you're struggling with clutter as a private individual or a more organized one as a business owner Workplace are looking for, a tidying coach can help you create a tidy and stress-free environment.

If the right strategy is missing to reach the goal

While some have problems motivating themselves to even start tidying up, many other customers soon lose the initial euphoria they feel when tidying up. Despite good intentions, they keep falling into the same trap: After initial success, they get stuck on individual things, sortieren after a long hesitation, roughly propose them, but in the end cannot decide to dispose of them decide. Often a call comes in between or the Lust subsides again. The sad result: Everything is pushed together again and the chaos is greater than before.

Such customers lack the right tactics to reach their goal and that is exactly what the clean-up coach is there for: As an outsider, he takes stock of the situation and then works out goals and the corresponding clean-up strategy with the customer, which leads to these goals. Together with the customer, he considers, for example, what should have been gone a long time ago and what should Customer really still needs and encourages decluttering.

How do cleanup coaches go?

Clemens Neuhauser, for example, is a trained architect. He got his job when he was able to part with a large part of his belongings when he moved house. While he knows that collecting is human nature, he believes it is also important to let go of possessions in order to create free space. Above all, however, it is important to him that the customer looks for the Consulting feels comfortable in his apartment - and that looks different for everyone. Neuhauser's clients also include students, for example - a target group that you don't trust at all Money available for this service. But that is exactly what shows that some people have a real need here.

The Training If necessary, it also shows ways of closing things that are superfluous sell or to donate to charity - e.g. in the free shop, in the clothing collection points, at charitable organizations, etc. And it also helps to dispose of superfluous household items and bulky waste at the materials yard or to have the things picked up.

With psychology and intuition?

Tidying up isn't just an organizational thing that involves putting on flea market boxes; Above all, the work requires psychological sensitivity and a lot of experience in dealing with people from the coach. Because the inability to keep order and to throw things away usually has deeper causes: For many, there is fear behind it, a consistent, final fear decision hold true. People are often downright afraid of parting with things because they associate important memories with them. Still others have trouble realizing that the things they hold on to so desperately are actually useless to them because they may no longer fit into their changed lives.

The so-called "Hau-Ruck"SALE”, which is sorted out in one go, is therefore not equally suitable for all people; Sometimes it actually makes more sense to clean something up every now and then. However, the coach must not be too soft either, because his customers will come up with numerous excuses such as “Maybe I can use it again sometime”.

New fields of application for clean-up coaches in companies

But the use of the tidying coach has long since ceased to be limited to the private sphere, because tidying coaches have long been available in Corporate also new fields of activity. This is because organizations are increasingly struggling to keep up with the ever-changing demands of the modern world.

A clean and organized workplace can help light fall by the wayside when files are overflowing with paperwork. However, when companies neglect to keep their workplace clean, it can have a significant impact on their productivity Employees and the Satisfaction your customers have. Therefore, professional help is extremely important for companies as well.

Develop strategies for future success

This is where the tidying coach comes in, who can help companies create a clean and organized workspace that boosts productivity and, when in doubt, impresses customers. A decluttering coach knows how important an efficient workplace is, not only for employee productivity and happiness, but also for the overall look and therefore the business results of the company.

From creating bespoke cleaning schedules to ensuring staff are trained in the correct cleaning techniques, the Coach is an expert in all things tidy. He understands that every business has unique cleaning needs and will work with you to create a plan tailored to your specific needs. The Coach not only takes care of immediate cleanliness, but also long-term maintenance to ensure your workplace stays clean and organized for years to come.

Prerequisites, education and training

In the still young profession there is no training or further education and the Job is also not protected by law – in principle, anyone can call themselves that. In practice, in addition to a certain aesthetic sensitivity, organizational skills and a sense of order - if possible, you should have internalized the Simplify principle and set an example yourself - also knowledge of human nature and psychological experience, if not even psychological or pedagogical experience useful, Because fast there is a danger that the simple tidying up coaching will turn into a psychological process, which is about sensitively reducing the client's fears. Or, in the worst case, the coach is dealing with a serious mental disorder.

Formalities at the Business start in brief You are a freelance tidying coach. This means that you only need a tax number from the tax office. A business registration is not required.

Opportunities and future prospects

Although the job title is not protected, which always increases the competition, the job profile is still relatively new and unknown. The Problem should initially with this still relatively new ideas be to persuade customers to use this service.

Important to know: A cleanup coach is not just someone who helps to keep things organized and teaches you to keep them: he helps to throw things overboard that frighten you into thinking about deadlocked attitudes.

Top books on the subject

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