Anke Ernst is now in Asia and reports about her Japanese friend Hiro: About his responsible job, but also his Humour, with which he job interviews survived with a hangover and a crumpled suit as well as dives with sharks.

Hiro and Anke

Hiro from Japan grew abruptly when he moved into an Australian boys' house with 14 years. Today he is a promoted aviation engineer and lives in Boston.

In 2002 I met Hiro, then 25, three times by chance in Bangkok. We interpreted the encounters as a sign of fate and decided Emailto exchange addresses. Our friendship has since proven itself across continents. We take advantage of the fact that we are briefly on the same continent - and so Hiro comes to visit me from Boston for a weekend in San Francisco.

Too tight in the home

Hiro's childhood sounds adventurous. He grew up in Japan, Zaire and the Philippines. When his parents moved back to Japan with his six younger siblings, he refused to come with them. His international background made it impossible for him to settle back into the small, uniform Japanese Welt who, he says, doesn't see what's going on in the world.

So he went to a boys' boarding school in Australia product a friend of Family. With seven children, his parents were less likely to be wrong, he jokes. However, the condition that his father made of him was that he studieren would. Hiro even got his doctorate in aeronautical engineering.

Any way to learn to use

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For him, the scholarship for the doctoral thesis was like a gift. In general, he is grateful for every opportunity to learn and develop further, which he would like to give back through his work. He does that today as a senior engineer in a Company, which tests aircraft engines, in particular their high-performance components such as the rotating turbine parts. Making a mistake would cost lives.

Any mistake would cost human life

It sounds not so spectacular up to 14-hours-day, but after a lot of responsibility. Hiro says that three to five colleagues ask him for advice in the morning, before he even sits down at his desk and the most urgent ones eMails can answer. He controls the work of his Employees, trains younger engineers and manages and coordinates the cooperation with the experts of external partner companies.

Hiro from Japan

He sits in customer meetings half the day to understand their detailed requirements and to evaluate the necessary development steps on a technical and financial level so that everyone satisfied is. It is he who is the last decision meets.

Work hard, play hard

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Hiro lives according to the motto “work hard, play hard”. Give 100%, whether it's work or leisure. And does that also apply to relationships? Hiro recently broke up with his girlfriend and has never thought of a new partnership.

When it comes to feelings, he says, unlike at work, he doesn't have any Control about what is happening. He prefers to let things take their course. When he meets someone and falls in love, he will be happy and enjoy the time.

Unexpected things can enrich your life

Nevertheless, he would soon like to have a family - after he had fulfilled his big dream: to go to Antarctica one day. "Think Ms. probably won't let me go there unless she's crazy." Hiro wants to explore this completely different world, where only ice and cold, purity and simplicity reign, preferably with a snow sled.

He believes that traveling and immersing yourself in new surroundings is the Eyes opens to the possibilities of the world. An example? Our friendship, he says with a grin. She keeps showing him how the unexpected can enrich life and make it interesting. That would not work if you plan everything and only walk on well-trodden paths.

Talking talk: Everything went wrong and still the company overcame

This is one of the reasons why, although he has grown fond of Sydney, he decided to look for work in Europe after his doctorate. He applied in England, Germany and France and combined the job interviews with a tour of Europe. Its kind to travel is creative and seems to be working. The ones from the Company He turned down the offered hotels and found accommodation in backpacker hostels.

When he went to Nuremberg and unexpectedly landed in a red-light district, he took advantage of the prostitutes' willingness to talk, to ask for directions to the hostel. He went to a conversation with a cat. He missed three moves to appear at an appointment. He was talking about a conversation talk in a crumpled suit. Nevertheless, he was able to convince all companies.

Hiro from Japan

People are more important than status and job

But what truly enriches and inspires his life at the end of the day are his family and friends. It is they who make him happy and who make him whole clear come first.

What I admire about Hiro is his ability to get complicated Problems and first to accept connections, then to see through and then a comprehensible, clear one Solution to suggest. He always remains friendly and responds to his fellow human beings. Hiro takes these People serious, regardless of their level of education and their social position. I think he made it this far professionally, among other things, because he sees and appreciates people detached from social structures. including himself.

Fear fear with humor

For example, he recently wrote to me that he spent his weekend volunteering to build a cabin in the mountains. Hiro doesn't have any Anxiety before the unknown, on the contrary. He just goes for it and trusts in his ability to make the best of the new situation, be it in Antarctica or in the red light district in Nuremberg. I will never forget him telling me about his dives in Australia where he encountered life threatening species.

Most people would certainly have panicked, though Behavior was basically much more effective, because he recognized the danger, calmly swam away and laughed his head off afterwards. With his sense of humor, he gets through everywhere – even in the shark tank.

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