Again and again we have on Best of HR -® noted that on the labor market Future new Competencies will be in demand to survive in automation. For which areas and Industries but does that apply? And what do tomorrow's employees need to be able to do specifically in human resources?

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Can robots replace recruiter?

When it comes to recruiting skills, our readers have one klare Opinions and that is: Robots can never match human judgment Recruiting substitute. So wrote Martina Welsch:

“Possibly the program could sort out the 'carelessly' written applications. So those that were perhaps only written to have evidence for the social agency. I could live with that. Certainly also meet People wrong decisions in HR departments from time to time. Still, I suspect most HR professionals make an effort to select someone who is Team fits. How does an algorithm want to recognize that? "

But the future of work is not just about data and analytics. The labor market is becoming increasingly fragmented. Candidates apply no longer on a full job, but also on individual “gigs”. And many large companies already have this way of working for theirs Employees already adapted.

What will people have to be able to do in the labor market of the future?

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This brings us to the question: what will people in the labor market have to be able to do in the future in order to survive the undemanding and flexible machines?

5 Top competences of the recruiters of the future

The study series of the Center of Human Resources shows which skills will be in demand in the future Information Systems (CHRIS) of University Bamberg in cooperation with the career portal Monster. An overview of 5 skills that are particularly in demand in recruiting.

  1. Marketing: As a marketer, a recruiter knows their target audience and knows how to inspire them. He has the employer brand and communication with the candidates under control and names the USPs. For example, he knows what is important to the candidate, because requests such as work-life balance (86 percent) must be addressed. For example, around 77 percent of candidates use internet job exchanges to look for a job. But passive candidates in particular must first be given the idea of ​​changing jobs. Tomorrow's recruiter markets his company like a marketing manager markets his product! He ensures that the company keeps its promises. After all, four out of ten candidates have turned down a job offer because the promised working conditions did not match the advertised values.
  2. Performance: As a performance manager, the recruiter of the future remains a close watch on the candidates and always has an eye on where candidates are looking for vacancies. Around 77 percent of the candidates use internet job exchanges for job search, for example. But just passive candidates must first be brought to the idea to change the job. Here, knowledge in search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising (SEM) is becoming increasingly important. And the recruiter must now also take care of traffic, visits and page views.
  3. networks: Tomorrow's recruiter is “socialized” and networks with promising contacts. Career networks in particular are used by candidates with many years of professional experience at almost 44 percent more frequently for active searches than, for example, the company websites at 39 percent. The following applies here: only those who tie in will catch something.
  4. Social Media: The social media manager is on social channels such as Facebook active and aware of their immense importance, especially in the younger generation. This is where the job advertisement of the future, properly targeted, belongs. This is actually clear to everyone: Two thirds of companies say that social media recruiting is important in order to address millennials. However, only 27 percent of the top 1.000 companies have a social media strategy in recruiting.
  5. Mobile Media: The mobile expert is aware that the need for job searches via smartphone is growing not only in the case of newcomers, but also in the older generation. Approximately six out of ten candidates find companies from job vacancies a great solution for their job search. Although 72 percent of Top 1.000 companies say that the increasing use of mobile devices has a great impact on recruitment, more than half (54 percent) does not yet offer mobile recruiting. If you want to win talents, then make the websites mobile-friendly and bring the apps on the forefront. This is also about technical know-how.

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