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I studied Romance Studies (with a focus on French Philology), German Studies (with a focus on Modern German Literature) and Theater Studies. Today I am Marketing Communication Manager at Jobscout24. How do you get a job like that with a degree like that?

What you have to do as a spiritual scientist

When I headed for my master's exam before 3 years ago, of course, everyone predicted that I would have to expect unemployment for a certain amount of time, 6-12 months are quite normal.

And so was I Honestly surprised, after just 2 weeks of the application phase job interview to be invited. It was about a PR traineeship in Munich. The first question I had to put up with during the interview was: “I see here that you studied theater studies… (the PR director at the time raised his eyebrows and the corners of his mouth down) Is that even a science? ”

Life as a stage

Of course, I could have answered what was on the tip of my tongue: “Yes, otherwise it wouldn’t be a state-recognized subject University!!!” Instead, I settled on the thesis that life is a stage, especially in professional life we ​​all play one or more roles and that “performance” is a buzzword for freelancers Economy.

The PR director was amazed. After I also told him the difference between philology and Psychology explained, we could talk to each other in a more relaxed manner. To this day I ask myself whether this introductory banter was a perfidious stress test or whether I was dealing with a narrow-minded business administration fuzzy in a class of its own. Anyway ... I got the job.

Marketing - more than advertising

Since then, I have made several career steps and arrived in the business world - as Marketing Communications Manager. It is interesting that my family environment - all humanities scientists - until today did not understand what I actually do.

My father likes to claim: “Sonja advertises in the Internet”. Well...I've given up trying to correct him. Today I proselytize in 2 directions. I try to convince my parents (both linguists) that I don't have to deal with mindless shopkeepers all day at JobScout24 and I prove to my colleagues every day that a Romanist can also do something.

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Give a chance to humanities scholars

Anyway, one thing is for sure: Employers who give humanities graduates a chance are certainly braver and more open than others who only Employees set with the right stable smell.

And I dare to claim that there are just as many stupid people and crackpots among humanities scholars as there are among economists, mechanical engineers, physicists or IT-specialists. Depending on the area of ​​activity, others are suitable People for the job.

A company lives on the good mix of its personnel structure

A Company but thrives on the good mix of its personnel structure. growth arises where ability and Reset of men and Women, connect older and younger colleagues with different educational biographies – for the good of them Company. Anyone who does not understand this must continue to ask themselves whether theater studies are actually a science...

In any case, later I won't raise my eyebrows and turn down the corners of my mouth to ask my children: "You want to study XY? What do you want to do with it later? And to be ashamed in mine Eyes yes finally no one in Germany successfully complete a degree.

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