Written hundreds of applications, but only received rejections despite relevant experience and excellent references? This can, but does not have to be on your own Performance lie.

Application sorted out - job seekers simply expect too much? 10 tips against cancellation

Always only cancellations - are applicants or employers to blame?

"Again!" thinks Sylvia when she gets her returned application documents from the mailbox. It's not the first time Sylvia has stopped counting rejections. It is not a blank slate: vocational training and Study, managerial tasks, first-class assessments in the job reference. Unfortunately, her last employer had to file for bankruptcy.

Anyone who repeatedly receives rejections for applications does not necessarily have to doubt their own performance: Maybe they will HR simply prefer someone whom he knows or who is recommended to him. You need contacts and a lot of patience.

Nevertheless, many job seekers expect the instantSuccess. Studies also show the high demands of the younger generation: maximum earnings with minimum restrictions, i.e. a lot of flexibility and freedom. Do young Germans simply expect too much – both in terms of the physical working environment and flexible working hours? A study by Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions suggests so.

Working atmosphere is important for creativity

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From the point of view of many Candidate sets the formula for attractiveness, creativity and productivity from the relationships with colleagues, work environment and atmosphere, and access to the latest technologies. To the topWorkplace-priorities young applicants include:

1. The personal work environment:

2. Flexibility of working hours and mobility:

3. Access to the latest technology

4. Financial compensation important

Not just bad luck: when networks are missing

If the next rejection ends up in the mailbox, you as an applicant have to ask yourself what went wrong. What Sylvia doesn't have, for example, is a big one Network. You simply lack people to fill vacancies I aufmerksam would do or recommend to potential employers. Miriam didn't see the need, after all she had a good job and was paid for good work - not for contacts. And now she's just unlucky. Or?

It's not that simple. Because a lot of people struggle in their studies and jobs and still hardly get a result. They simply lack the visibility of potential employers. And they often find sobering: You can be as good as you are in your job - those who fail to make recommendations will almost certainly fail.

How to make recommendations

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Before you can expect anything from others, you have to have established yourself positively with them. However, many job seekers have the wrong expectations. Everything should work out immediately, all efforts must be made fast profit. Instant success so to speak.

But if you want to make a name for yourself, it often takes many years. In addition, networking without corresponding performance is just as unsuccessful in the long term: Anyone who is just good is not noticed. Conversely, if you only have good contacts, you may be recommended at the beginning, but not later if the bad performance gets around. Both factors work together.

10 tips to be recommended

I know that from myself: I only recommend what I know and appreciate or what others from my network recommend. I have to know someone myself or have been given an impression of others. But how can you improve your recommendation rate?

  1. The own environment: Start networking with business partners, customers, colleagues, friends and acquaintances. And even if you are looking for a job: Always keep your eyes open in your own environment.
  2. Attend targeted events: Inquire about relevant network events - for example, there are round tables from professional associations or in social media groups.
  3. Keep old contacts: Maintain and maintain good contacts, be it from the internship or an old job. Collect contacts in a spreadsheet or electronic address book.
  4. Contacts in social networks: Even more effective are social networks: Here you can stay in touch, link up and stay up-to-date on all changes!
  5. Do something for others! Do not consider what others can do for you, but what you can do for others.
  6. Just say what you want! If you want something from others, say that directly. Even if a casual request seems to be more polite - to others it has exactly the opposite effect!
  7. Engage yourself! Engage in politics, in associations or clubs - so you can show others what you can and make interesting contacts.
  8. Make yourself noticed on the internet: A dedicated blog and targeted, well-founded comments on sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc. offer good opportunities to attract attention.
  9. There are no good or bad contacts: Sure, some contacts are more important to you than others. But you never know who will be interesting for you later - you often experience surprises.
  10. Only patience: Building a network takes time - often many years. Do not expect everything to go right away!

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