Various job portals are scoured and the dream job is finally found. Now it's time to get down to business: The Application has to be designed, it has to attract attention and be remembered positively. But how do you do that without putting on act?

6 creative application tips with guaranteed success with the HR manager: How to stand out!

Why should you apply creatively!

Imagine you are HR and see a number of confusingly similar applications. Your time is running out anyway, others pending Tasks pile up on the desk and gradually the lines in front of you blur Eyes, when she suddenly with a gush of penned creativity to be surprised:

Finally an individual application. Unfortunately, it turns out in the real Working world not quite as easy as shown, but creativity is half the battle to stand out from the crowd.

6 Tips for applications that are guaranteed to stand out

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We will show you helpful tips and tricks on how your application looks positively and takes you one step further!

1. The first impression counts: the design

The typical application, whether still conservative on paper or online as a practical PDF file, as is common nowadays, is designed in portrait format on a white background without much frills. How about an application in landscape format or an appealing, colorful design and fonts, maybe even in the corporate design of the Company?

That doesn't necessarily mean that rainbow colors and an absolutely overloaded design will pave the way to the dream job. It is precisely this that does not convey what they want to convey: authenticity. The design should reflect the content useful underline and not cover up. The content has to be convincing in itself, because even a complex design cannot cover up missing knowledge. However, the basic rule is: the more creative the Industry, the more creative the application can look.

2. Timeline as a resume

Using a timeline instead of the usual tabular one Curriculum vitae also offers an opportunity to attract attention and stands out especially with unsolicited applications. Such a timeline in landscape format offers sufficient space to display individual activities and, above all, creates clarity when there are several activities at the same time.

Therefore, use appealing and well-harmonizing colors and fonts, because the advantage of clarity can be lost if there is too much clutter and life stages listed too much fast get lost.

3. Imagine the industry

While more conservative job applications are desired in the conservative professions, such as the finance industry, in other industries you can be a little bolder and introduce yourself to the industry.

Thus, the travel agent can score points with a world map so far, while the businesswoman for marketing communication can present itself in a creative video. Web designers could create their own application webpage and thus prove their skills.

4. The right photo

Although many companies now deliberately do without photos, a picture – if it is done correctly – makes a positive first impression. You will often find photos on company websites that you can use as a guide when designing. True to the motto “dress for the job you want”, contrary to what is commonly known Opinions not always be a suit and tie. When applying as a craftsman, this quickly seems exaggerated.

Conversely, a polo shirt in the bank has no business. Give the impression that you have dealt with the job and the company. It is important in any case that the photo meets the standards and is made by a professional photographer.

5. Use job measurement correctly

Job fairs and similar career events offer numerous opportunities to present companies. Instead of carrying around 20 different application folders in your pocket, we recommend a creative form of short application: the application flyer. The flyer is a kind of mini-application in which all relevant key data about you such as CV, short profile and Write to be presented briefly and concisely.

It's worth a little Investment into the design and printing, otherwise the flyer will quickly look cheap and end up in the trash. However, it does not replace a complete application, which must be submitted later. Rather, the flyer serves as a teaser to keep the HR manager in mind. A further QR code or USB stick is also conceivable.

6. PS: art grip Postskriptum

The Postscript, or PS for short, was once used to add forgotten thoughts later. In the modern day of computer and eMail This is no longer necessary, any text can eventually be edited arbitrarily. But the PS has a very clear advantage: it is almost always read first.

So include something really original and interesting to keep the recruiter curious for more. You can also click here on links to work samples or the like I aufmerksam make. In any case, this small stylistic device will attract attention and your application will stand out from the crowd.


No matter which of these tips you follow, the usual ones always apply Regulate for applications such as correct spelling and grammar - and above all, stay yourself!

HR professionals appreciate honesty and authenticity and want it People get to know behind an application, so do not stage more and not less than you really are.

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