eCommerce is now an integral part of the Society. But which ones? Significance is this element of digitization bestowed?

Why online trading study

eCommerce – a development on the rise

We have a great responsibility for how such an instrument affects society and the development of trade - this was also the conclusion of a comprehensive study by the University Regensburg. And all the more so when you look at the history and development of eCommerce, which is now an integral part of our lives.

The history of the Online-Trade finds its origins in the 1960s, with the Foundation of Arpanet, i.e. with the introduction of digital communication channels. The history of eCommerce actually begins much earlier: the industrial one Revolution led to an industrial society based on products made in factories powered by steam engines, factories shipping out goods made in factories, and factories shipping out goods made by factories. With the Industrial Revolution, the peasant way of life, in which the fields were tilled, the grain harvested, the cattle fed, and the goods made from the crops harvested, also disappeared. The industrial revolution turned the farm into an industrial plant, and industrial plants produce industrial products.

How the digital revolution fueled eCommerce

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But the next decisive revolutionary step was the development of the Internet, the so-called digital revolution. Although it has been developed since the 1960s, the World Wide Web was not opened for commercial use until 1995 and thus also marked the start of trade in the world Internet. well-known onlineCorporate and search engines rode an enormous wave of success through the web, resulting in stock market hype.

Then, in 2000, the inevitable happened: the stock market can't always go uphill, and the higher it goes Ascent, the deeper the fall. The so-called dot-com bubble (an artificial term coined by the media for speculation that had burst) burst. Around every fifth company did not survive this stock market crash and the market had to be repositioned.

eCommerce as an integral part of society

Hardly anyone talks about that anymore Crisis, and eCommerce has become an integral part of today's society - I dare say it's hard to imagine life without it. In 2008, another company joined the online presence: Zalando was founded. Based in Berlin and is a solid representative in the mail order business with sales worth billions.

Here the end consumer can find everything the shopping heart desires in the fashion sector: men's fashion, women's fashion, shoes, accessories and much more. Simply browse online or click through the pages using predefined categories, select a product and pay conveniently and easily. All common classic and online payment methods are accepted.

How does our society tick?

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To do this, we should perhaps first answer the question: How does our society tick today? Everything must be incredible fast go and be as uncomplicated as possible. We hardly have time to spend hours in shopping centers and leisurely look for the right clothes. Nevertheless, we want to be as up-to-date as possible, hip and in line with current fashion.

“Image is everything”, is the motto for many and Money spending is also easy Fun. If we take the lack of time and combine it with extraordinary convenience, the inevitable consequence is a reluctance to throw oneself into the hordes of fellow human beings who are enthusiastic about shopping. In hindsight, we're not quite there with a product satisfied, we still have the opportunity to exchange it.

Why shop online?

To do this, however, we would have to find time again and, above all, a lot of desire to make the journey to the checkout. During the week a shopping center is still tolerable, not too crowded. However, are we forced to use the weekends Shops to visit, the joy goes away just thinking about it.

Then you'd rather be in the comfort of your own home, with free return shipping within up to 100 days. Bringing such a package to the post office is definitely worth the effort. If even this way is too much of a good thing, you can also resort to online franking and, if necessary, have the package picked up directly from your front door. It really doesn't get any easier, simpler and, above all, more convenient.

The choice is bigger

Another benefit of online trading is quantitative selection. We don't have to run to a dozen stores to collect everything we need to satisfy our spending spree. Online we have everything at a glance in an unbeatable selection, and the quality doesn't necessarily have to suffer as a result.

Well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas, Asics and Co. are represented in numerous online mail order companies. In addition, the payment modalities are extensive and enjoy increasing security. Whether we opt for a classic transfer decide or choose an online financial service provider, such as PayPal, is up to us.

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