Im Office the air is thick: an employee is completely overwhelmed and frustrated because, in addition to her own work, she also has to do that of her colleague. What can you as Executive do?

Envy among colleagues

If one employee works for the other

She regularly exceeds her own targets with a lot of diligence, commitment and Engagement. However, there is little sign of this in her colleague. Quite the opposite: she manages so little that some of her orders have to be taken on by the competent employee - this is the only way to keep all processes in the department running.

An office classic, as it is in the book. But what happens here? On the one hand, workload and pressure accumulate among an employee; she feels abandoned by her colleague.

Understand the employees and their situation

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In addition, there is probably also a growing lack of understanding that the salary does not reflect their different uses. After all, it is quite unfair if both are paid almost the same.

The hard-working employee doesn't want to continue "dragging" her colleague through. Until a team member such a Problem However, if you speak to your superior, the proverbial camel is about to overflow. Who likes going to the boss to blackmail a colleague?

Sincere understanding relaxes the situation

The situation is also difficult for the executive. Perhaps the boss can do little to solve the problem. A good opportunity, however, is offered by the employee discussion, because the overworked team member is given priority.

Depending on the flexibility of the corporate structures, a complaint can actually be an impetus to make the remuneration system fairer, for example. More relevant to the Success and the Satisfaction of the team, however, is that the supervisor fulfills his role more consistently.

Tips for a more equitable leadership style

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One thing should, however clear be: As a boss, you also share the blame if the Tasks are poorly distributed or below-average performance is offset by other team members. To prevent that, you should set expectations for individual Employees clear forms - in the following steps:

  1. Understanding: Signal an employee who complains: “I understand your point of view. I realize that justice is important to you and I will try to make sure of it. ”
  2. Get away from expectations: To understand the employee, however, does not mean to give him the right. Leaders should dissociate themselves from this - as a rule, such a statement only fosters expectations that are not, or are difficult to fulfill.
  3. Avoid spongy requirements: Say precisely what you want to do and how you want the instructions to be implemented. With a sentence like, "I expect more quality from you." no employee can do anything. How is he supposed to know what quality is for the manager?
  4. Specific instructions: Instead, specifications are more likely to be met if the boss instructs: “By the end of the week I need an overview of all sales partners from you with the following details: xyz. Then we discuss the next steps. ”
  5. Transparent reviews: Create transparent structures to assess employees' performance. It is important that all team members can understand them.

Clarify the company structure

Often, unevenly loaded teams are in Corporate grown over the years, because Harmony and solidarity are important values ​​in many companies. However, this makes it difficult to critically evaluate a job – at least when it is appropriate.

Clear structures and performance-related assessments make that possible System more transparent, more permeable and fairer for all employees. On this basis, supervisors can lead more easily and consistently.

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