Recently, we already have 8 tips for better and, above all, more efficient job interviews given. Due to the high demand, we want to go a bit further in detail now and show you how to structure your application discussions ideally and which questions you should ask absolutely.

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Recruiting is carved in stone

If there is a vacant position to fill, the procedure is in most Companys As if carved in stone: advertisements are being placed, applications are coming in - and then a series of personal conversations are being held.

The crux of the matter: the interview has been proven to be the weakest instrument in personnel selection! Nevertheless, almost no aspirant can do without it Job Interview to his new post. Find out how to ideally structure your conversations and which questions you should definitely ask in order to achieve a good degree of standardization and comparability.

Structure instead of abdominal feeling

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There are eight important ones Regulate presented, which are to be considered in a professional interview. About rule number 2,"Structure hilft"? This was: “A key help is a clean structure. Providing (provided we stick to it), it is of great help in not allowing extreme differences in the way interviews are conducted. ”

Easier said than done, because people are creatures of habit and tend to buy from the gut decide. Therefore, I would now like to present you with a basic guide that contains specifically formulated questions that you can ask applicants in your interviews.

No.1: Start of conversation

Most Candidate will be more or less nervous at the beginning. In order to relieve some of the tension, you should design a contact phase: So greet the applicant, introduce the interviewers who are present and explain roughly how the interview will go. Before you start with your specific questions, you can also ask the applicant to say something about himself, his Curriculum vitae or to tell about his previous professional development. A little tip: be sure to take notes here! Perhaps you notice an aspect that you would like to deepen later by asking specific questions.

No. 2: Personal situation of applicant

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Ask the applicant to briefly describe his / her life and education / career path. Here are the following questions:

No.3: Current Position / New Position

Now it goes to the Eingemachte: Why has the potential new coworker applied for the job advertised? Does it fit into the past job or do you want to face new challenges? With these questions, you will find out:

No. 4: Personal

Of course, in an interview, we can't get a complete picture of the person sitting across from us. With a few specific questions, however, you can find out a lot and check whether the candidate is ins Team fits and is suitable for the vacant position. The following questions are ideal:

No. 5: Work behavior

In addition to the previous area of ​​responsibility, it is of course crucial to get an idea of ​​the work behavior of the Candidates close. In many cases, a day of trial work is arranged for this - but if you ask the right questions, you will get a good impression of the applicant's resilience, his diligence and his usual way of working.

No. 6: Performance

Highly motivated, committed and always ready, 100% Performance to bring: This is what the dream employee of every employer looks like. Especially when you're in a stressful Business are active, it is crucial for you to assess the willingness to perform of the candidates in the job interview tap off. The following questions will help you:

No. 7: Information about the candidate, company, task and position

After the candidate has given you a comprehensive impression of his person, it's your turn to inform him about your company and the position to be filled. Attention: Please never before, because you pass on a lot of crucial information from which experienced candidates can read very well what you would like to hear!

No. 8: End of call

Not only do you have enough time for the job interview, but you also plan the end of the interview and the farewell in advance:

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