resilience is undeniably an important one success of the Future. Why are resilient Employees so important for Corporate? And how can they attract and retain their employees?

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Resilience as a success factor of the 21. century

Changes require companies and, since companies are made up of employees and executives, demand unprecedented agility, resilience and adaptability to changing conditions.

Companies like Nokia, Motorola and perhaps soon Microsoft are examples of organizations that have not succeeded in this adaptation. Just a few years ago they were the kings in their market to fight today for survival.

Resiliente employees, resiliente executives, resiliente companies

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That's exactly why he wins Term Psychological resilience is currently becoming more and more important Significance, because resilience is colloquially referred to as the human ability to deal with setbacks, change and uncertainty.

high-resilient People accordingly have the ability to remain calm and goal-oriented even during challenging situations and with a lot of consistency, realistic Optimism and confidence to do what needs to be done.

The Big 5 as a personality profile

Science shows us here that highly resilient people have a specific personality profile based on the “Big 5” (extraversion, openness, conscientiousness, tolerance and neuroticism).

They have a slight tendency to extraversion, are open to new experiences, manage theirs Tasks disciplined and with a high goal orientation, are agreeable and empathetic in dealing with other people.

They also have low Neuroticism scores, making them less susceptible to neurotic, and thus psychological, illnesses and emotionally stable. She act on other people one thing above all: calm.

Mental disorders are less common in stressed people

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The phenomenon of increased absenteeism and occupational disabilities due to psychological illnesses described at the beginning thus occurs less frequently.

This is also confirmed by scientific studies that show the highly-resilient people report less psychosomatic complaints and burn-out symptoms, than little-resiliente humans.

Resiliency can be measured and developed

Accordingly, it may be hypothesized that companies that have a large number of highly resilient employees and executives will now and in the future be characterized by being able to react more agilely to changes in the business world.

Since resilience can be measured, it also means that organizations selection their employees and Executives, in addition to technical skills, clear pay more attention to the resilience of the people they hire.

What companies need to do

However, as personal resilience can be further developed, this also means that companies, and some are already doing so, should offer their employees specific training and coaching.

Another consequence, which should not be underestimated, also affects the culture and especially the leadership culture of organizations. High-resilience people are not only distinguished by their goal-oriented approach to change.

Resilient employees

They are also self-confident and “self-effective” people who need the appropriate freedom and creative freedom in their work. One Organization, which maintains a rather authoritarian and less “empowering” management style, will not be able to keep these employees.

Highly resilient employees and executives correspond exactly to the profile that organizations need due to the rapidly changing economic world. You approach changes optimistically, confidently, empathetically and “intelligently”. Accordingly, they are able to bring enormous added value for every organization. But only if you let them too.

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