Most PowerPoint presentations are just plain bad! Badly designed. Fundamental didactic insights are often trampled on. how are you doing better

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Man is an “eye animal”

Humans are an “eye animal” that absorbs visual information particularly efficiently and readily. When designing presentations, however, many lecturers still use obsolete conventions:

Excessive text content, a recurring master layout and hardly any pictures no longer correspond to today's high standards. The result: Most slide presentations overwhelm or bother us!

8 golden rules of presentation

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With the presentation principle, you can inspire your audience with slide presentations. For this you only have to stick to the following golden ones when designing Regulate orientate:

1. Structure your thoughts

The first step for a successful presentation is the Preparation: Using the computer in the preparation phase has been shown to be less creative than using a pen. In the brainstorming phase, it is therefore advisable to write down your thoughts in the classic way on paper or, even better, on post-its.

If you stick this on a blackboard or wall, you immediately have a good overview of the entire lecture and can Structure easily change by hanging. Important: use a separate piece of paper for each thought!

2. Do they have to be slides at all?

At the beginning of your reflections, you can also decide whether you want to use slides at all. Sometimes content can be conveyed visibly and even better with other media - for example, with a classic table label or a flipchart drawing.

The use of metaplan cards and pin boards can also be a good alternative. Much Attention you achieve - alternatively or in addition to a presentation - if you use demonstration objects, e.g. B. Bring books or products and pass them around among the audience. In any case, it is advisable to involve the participants in order to make your presentation lively.

3. The right software

If you are going to design slides decide, you also need the right software for this. PowerPoint, traditionally included in Microsoft Office, is by far the most widely used application software in offices and administrations. Instead of cloud-based licensing, they always want more Corporate Office buy usedTo Costs to save.

PowerPoint isn't even the best in all cases Solution: Although it has many Features, which make it an excellent presentation tool, but it's not always the best option for all situations. For example, it's not ideal for presentations that involve multiple people or for presenting complex data. Also, some users find the user interface overly complicated or lacking certain features.

Several new presentation tools have emerged in recent years, each with their own advantages. From Prezi to Canva, these offer Alternatives more flexibility, interactivity and ease of use than ever before.

4. Less is more

Good film presentations meet human habits and characteristics: If presentations are to be convincing, they must be presented to the brain. This is confirmed by all recent didactic and neurological findings.

A very banal principle applies here: Less is more. The statement described here is based on this statement, which is borrowed from Zen philosophy Method.

5. Transparencies clear and attractive

The precision principle teaches you how to create clear, concise and appealing slides in order to arouse more interest in the audience and yours Set (Information or Motivation) to reach faster / better.

No specific prior knowledge is required. Also, you do not need to be a graphics expert to apply appropriate rules. The recommendations are software independent, so apply equally to PowerPoint, Keynote, or other tools.

6. Guidelines for the organization of slide presentations

Unless you clear is how you should structure your presentation, then the following questions can help you Lecture to structure – ordnen Then simply match your post-its to the appropriate questions.




7. Limit the number of your slides

With respect to the number of slides per presentation, there are quite different recommendations in theory and practice. Frequently quoted is the 10-20-30 rule by Guy Kawasaki. It states that a slide presentation does not include more than 10 slides, should take an 20 minute, and should have a font size of at least 30 point.

This can be used to determine how much speech time you should calculate for a slide, namely two minutes. So, if you give 50 minutes of speaking time, then you should show about 25 slides.

8. In doubt: out!

Basically: "When in doubt, cut it out!" So if you doubt whether a thought that you wrote down on a post-it should actually get its own slide, keep in mind: in really good presentations, something is shown that cannot be better explained linguistically.

So the question of quality is: Does a slide make it easier Audience the understanding? Does it help convey the content faster or better? If you can't answer these questions, ask a colleague for their opinion. Strangers tend to be stricter in their judgement.

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