In hardly any company can work be done without computers, smartphones and tablets. The electronic devices, which relieve us of a lot of work, also contain several risks. How can companies and Employees protect your PCs?

IT security in the office: The ideal antivirus protection for companies and employees

Good virus protection is a must

Cyber ​​security is an important topic and should not be underestimated by employees or companies. It is about the security of the computer, which is usually ensured by anti-virus protection.

To better protect companies and employees is a good virus protection mandatory. Otherwise it can fast happen that several computers and smartphones are one Company infect and thus possibly leak sensitive data and documents.

What malware is there for PCs, laptops & tablets?

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There is a whole range of malware for computers, tablets and smartphones. Even if PCs and tablets are increasingly affected, it has recently also been smartphones that have been targeted by viruses and co. The devices with which one shares private information and, among other things, accesses bank accounts or reads e-mails, are particularly sensitive.

The most widespread virus is the Trojan. This reads practically and gives the information to a specific Objective further. It is not necessarily the case that the data is transmitted to a private individual. They are often placed on the web, which allows the data to reach hackers and criminals. A virus that paralyzes the entire PC is often the most dangerous. In the end, this can ensure that you can no longer do anything with your own PC. That would be catastrophic and should be avoided at all costs.

How to recognize a virus on your device?

Basically, it always depends on the virus itself, whether and how you can detect it. The easiest way to detect viruses is to use the latest antivirus program, which is best updated daily.

If you have such a program on your computer, many malware samples will be displayed immediately. But even without a program, one can determine whether the software is affected by a virus. If your computer suddenly slows down or takes a lot more time to perform certain activities, you should turn off the calculator check. A simple look at the task manager can be enough to discover programs that maybe shouldn't be on the computer at all.

How to remove a virus from the PC?

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Anyone who has ever dealt with computer viruses knows that removing an existing virus can be very difficult. As a rule, it will not work without a corresponding program, which is why the matter should be approached more preventively.

Active protection should eliminate the intruder before it nests. Otherwise you can often only on the Expertise one IT-professional who will completely remove the virus. Sometimes the entire hard drive has to be erased or the operating system has to be reinstalled. An effort that is paid for with a lot of time. Protecting your own computer is therefore incredibly important and should never be underestimated.

What advantages does antivirus software offer and how much does such software cost?

The advantages of antivirus software are clearly on the Hand. Such a protection program also takes over the protection of the PC, tablet or smartphone. Entire company computer structures can also be equipped with such a protection system. In addition, an antivirus program not only protects against it, but also reports possible attempts and dangers. One can Company or even an individual can see how active the risk potential is.

Furthermore, the antivirus program can also help with the elimination of malware. At least it quarantines suspicious programs directly. But be careful: If a PC is already infected when you install a program, it may not be possible to completely delete the malware. Then a complete new installation or the competence of an IT specialist is required.

For which operating systems is such software available for free?

The price for such software can vary. There are various free programs that are also very good. However, these usually do not have frequent free updates. Paid programs start at around 25 euros a year, but you can also clear be more expensive. However, the expensive programs also have corresponding services.

There is also associated software for various operating systems that works against viruses and malware, some for free. A little research is usually enough to find the right program for you and your company.

But be careful: You should always make sure that it offers daily updates so that you are always on the safe side. This is the only way for an antivirus program to discover the latest malware and Trojans. A good example of a free program with daily updates is Avira. This program manages to discover a variety of malware and thus helps to protect the PC, the tablet and the smartphone.

A conclusion on the topic of antivirus protection for companies and employees

One thing must be clear to everyone. Without proper antivirus protection, it can quickly happen that your own computer, tablet or smartphone or even your company network is infected. Therefore, you should always opt for an antivirus program decide. Without this it is not possible to guarantee reasonable protection.

It doesn't necessarily have to be the most expensive option out there. A free tool is much more sufficient for the time being. However, if you have a big one Network and a lot of sensitive data of yourself and of customers to protect it, you should aim for something paid that offers daily updates.

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