A good consultant should know his trade – that is his minimum requirement, so to speak. But just as important is the right one Marketing. And that depends on the right positioning. 10 tips on how to do it better.

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Why do coaches and consultants have to position themselves?

Empathy, patience, a quick learner or experience and expertise are undoubtedly skills to make a good one Training to become. But not everyone who coaches to earn so really good. Because you Success depends crucially on how well you market yourself.

Now you will say that marketing is expensive. But the greatest marketingMeasures reach into the void if you don't position yourself correctly, with the right USP. And this Strategy to develop is initially the result of thinking, trying out, gaining experience. 10 tips on how to do this.

10 tips for positioning and marketing of coaches and consultants

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  1. Create a Unique Selling Position: Your unique marketing statement (USP) should be briefly presented within 30 seconds and tell people what you are doing and what makes them unique. Your unique marketing message should always offer a benefit.
  2. Do what you say: That sounds simple, but obviously it's not a matter of course, because in the age of social media, liability is a great asset. Recently I searched for service providers via Xing. This brought me five reactions. Although I specifically asked for me per eMail I received four of them through Xing News. Of these three in turn announced a telephone contact, of which exactly one of these projects also implemented in a timely manner. Conclusion: You are already leaving 80% of your competitors behind by the fact that you are doing what you say!
  3. Create free content: These are subject-related contributions or information brochures that provide the reader with useful information on your subject area. In this, you document above all professional expertise, but you mention your achievements only casually. You can upload such workouts on your website or offer specialist portals for setting up. As good contributions to the social web are passed on freely, you as a professional quickly get into the conversation - and thus also to inquiries and orders
  4. Thank your customers: In the US I once read this in a doctor's office on a sign in the waiting room: “We would like to thank the following patients for recommending us:…” The waiting people were very interested. And some would have liked to be there too. I can imagine something similar here on the website of a coach.
  5. Design Referral Partnerships: Find out who might be able to refer your clients, friends or contacts to you. Look for people you believe in so that you can do the same the other way around. For example, your banker, accountant, or accountant may refer you to a start-up among his clients so you can help him keep track of his goal as his business begins to grow. Conversely, you can refer some of your clients to the banker, accountant, or accountant to make their money work better. That's how everyone benefits.
  6. Send postcards with helpful tips: Social networks, blogs, press releases - all well and good. But often quite impersonal. How about this: print postcards with useful tips that are a good fit for your work. They present you with such a charming smile that hardly anyone can say no. If you unpack the cards later, they serve as a conversation piece or as a small gift to pass on. On the back there is of course a corresponding indication of who they come from.
  7. Speak to regional associations: Presenting lectures is a great way to gain recognition and respect. The Rotarians, the Chamber of Commerce, the Chamber of Commerce, the Marketing or Lions Club are always looking for suitable speakers for your meetings. Pick a topic that your passion recursspiegelt and that is directly related to your coaching activity. Afterward, don't forget to hand out handouts that include your phone number, email address, and website so that your audience can get in touch with you afterwards. Remember that first impressions are very important. I therefore recommend that you develop your speaking skills accordingly.
  8.  Make an audio interview: Take a good microphone and have a good-voice friend interview you about coaching with you. Prepare a list of questions for the interviewer, preferably from the point of view of your potential clients. Then cut the tape or CD together, mix some music, duplicate the whole thing, and you're done with an informative audio CD that you can either give, send, or download to your prospects!
  9. Create a promotional pack: High-quality advertising material that you can assign or email to interested parties is part of self-marketing. The contents of your promotion pack should include all or part of the following: your photo, coaching articles from you, press articles about you, a flyer or short brochure, frequently asked questions and answers, your vision or mission statement, testimonials and voices from your clients , a reply form, and anything else to help prospects get to know you better and how you can help them.
  10. Hire a coach: This sounds like once again, but on closer inspection it makes sense. Make sure you are accompanied by a great coach on your way to become a great coach. Your prospect of success will increase significantly. Why tackle a big goal alone? Your coach will help you see your next step, maintain your concentration, bring you back to the right path, if necessary, and celebrate success with you. Just like you will do this in the future with your numerous clients!

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