Anyone who starts new in a company or changes jobs internally must expect many hurdles. The following ten tips will help you make a positive impression on your colleagues on the first day of your new job.

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1. preparation

For the first impression there is no second chance. This principle runs through our whole life. If Private or at work - within a few seconds decide we what we think of our counterpart. And that is ultimately the cornerstone for a good and, above all, long-term cooperation.

If you want to prepare well for the first day in your new job, you should go to the homepage of the Company look around at job interview listen carefully and take the opportunity Ask deliver. Social platforms such as Fac often provide information about the corporate cultureebook and Co.

In addition to the facts, you get a holistic impression of what to expect in the new company. You should take a closer look at the Employees-View page of company homepage. Here you can find out about your future colleagues even before the first day – this also helps to memorize the many new names more quickly.

2. dress

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Depending on which one Industry When you start your new job, the dress code also varies. In most cases, you get an impression of the usual dress code in the respective company during the interview or via the company's website.

Even if there are no specific requirements, you should make sure that you do not necessarily appear in your leisure outfit. A is best suited for the first day of work Business-Casual outfit. That means plain jeans or trousers combined with a polo shirt or t-shirt in subtle colors. Ladies have a larger one selection. You can also wear a blouse or a simple dress, for example.

The outfit is always rounded off with a simple blazer or a black cardigan. Taboo, on the other hand, are short trousers, short skirts and open shoes. Regardless of which outfit you choose, it is important to make a good impression. The shoes should be cleaned, the fingernails clean and the black jacket lint-free.

3. punctuality

It goes without saying that one should not be late on the first day of a new job. This not only leaves a bad impression, but also creates an unnecessary one Stress and a guilty conscience.

For this reason, you should set the alarm clock early enough on your first working day so that you can enter in quiet showers, breakfast and the way to work. In doing so, a half-hour for delays of the train and traffic jam. In particular, if you are not a local, you should also research how long you need to get to work.

4. idea

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The first day in the new job means that you have to introduce yourself to your new colleague. How the new employees are welcomed and introduced to the company varies greatly and is often also dependent on the size of the company. For example, one is common Guide through the department, where you have the opportunity to introduce new colleagues to the Hand to shake, to give his name and the future field of activity. You should always ensure a firm handshake and of course be friendly and ask questions if necessary.

It can also happen that at a common Meeting asked to say something about himself and his career. You can prepare well for this short introduction by preparing a few facts in advance that you want to bring up. You can, for example, click on this Study and your professional career, tell a short anecdote or report how you came to the current company. Finally, one can express the joy about the future cooperation with the new colleagues - that creates sympathy points.

5. lunch break

Most of the time, little time remains for the first learning process. In order to intensify your commitment to the future colleagues, you should use the lunch break. The likelihood is high that you as a new employee will be asked if you would like to accompany colleagues to lunch.

But even if you don't get an offer, don't be afraid to ask if you can join. Spending the break alone on the first day can distance you from your new colleagues act.

6. souvenirs

It's a nice touch to give a small one on your first day at your new job awareness to bring along for colleagues. A home-baked cake or other small sweets are suitable for the start. However, alcohol should be avoided.

7. ask

When you are new to the company, questions inevitably arise. Especially on the first day, the flood of information is often very large, so that afterwards you for sure still have to ask a thing or two.

In principle, one should not be afraid of it, especially when it comes to organizational matters. In order to avoid unnecessarily disturbing the colleagues too often, it helps to keep the pen and pencil for notes in the first days.

8. googling

For questions to which also this Internet Solution know, this should also be the first to be consulted. These can be questions about a specific program, but also about other job and company-specific issues.

In the course of the induction period, you should increasingly start looking for a solution yourself before always asking your colleagues for an answer. True to the motto: google first, then ask. Incidentally, this also helps with processes fast to learn and internalize.

9. laws

Attentive listening is the most important virtue on the first day in the new job. This helps not only to avoid superfluous inquiries, but also to uncover the unwritten laws in the company. So you should listen carefully and observe what happens in the job environment.

For example, how the smoking breaks are regulated and whether during working hours sometimes the private eMails can check. Who with open Eyes and ears goes through the first working day, you can learn a lot about the corporate culture here.

10. end of working day

Done. The first day in the new job went well and the end of the day is approaching. Now just make no mistake and be the first out of the Office storm It is more appropriate to once again offer to help. In most cases, the new colleagues have mercy and release newcomers to their well-deserved end of work.

Otherwise, it is important to orient yourself to the colleagues. When the first leave the office, you can ask politely if you can go too. It is nice if you say goodbye for the support of the colleagues and add that you are already looking forward to the next day.

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