You have left your old job successfully done. We have put together 7 tips for you to ensure that your start goes as smoothly as possible.

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Why career changes often mean stress

Congratulations: the old job is now behind you. And thus for sure also a lot Stress. Because career changes require a lot of preparation, but it's worth it. The quicker you transition, the quicker you'll get the most out of your new role. In this post, you'll learn how to make a smooth transition from X to Y.

Because it's one thing to get a job verlieren or give up and completely different, find the right job again. Every job change is a big step and comes with a number of specific challenges, especially if you might be carrying one with you Family have to move to another city.

What are the challenges of changing jobs?

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In todays Working world it is more important than ever to get good ratings from ex-bosses. That's why the swings when you change jobs Anxiety with receiving a bad job reference and the fear of the new one Executive not to please. Both cause additional mental stress.

Or even if your new employer is a competitor of your previous company: The change from the former employer to the competition put everyone concerned under stress, as there are numerous additional confidentiality obligations to be observed.

Often the new job does not come at a freely chosen time. Maybe you need a second apprenticeship or training for the new job Further Training. Perhaps you are not in a financially secure position in the meantime. Or you had as Young Professionals Employer decide only rarely for Candidates with less than two years of professional experience.

Don't underestimate the personal challenge

All these aspects are important and should be considered when changing jobs. If you're thinking about changing jobs, you really need to know what you're getting into. As good as anyone Job change also demands that Character in a special way and ensures personal and mental development. This is also a challenge that should not be underestimated.

But now you have mastered all the challenges. All the things that you still have for your old one Company had to take care of things, you could check off your to-do list. You restart: New Team. New Projects. New Tasks. And a new boss.

Start successfully in the new job

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So you can finally concentrate fully on your next job and look forward to it. But so that you don't get stressed again straight away, you should follow these 7 tips.

  1. Ask questions: It is very important that you ask questions in good time! Don't be afraid that you might “disturb” someone. If, in the end, you don't get things done as you want, you have to stand up for them. Find out what is planned and how exactly the induction should go. These are questions that you should have clarified before your first official day at work. Ask your direct contact person for questions regarding content and organization. Also inquire about informal rules in the company.
  2. Pay attention to your demeanor: Anyone who would like to make a better impression in foreign companies should show themselves in the right form, in the right clothing and with an appropriate demeanor. The following five tips can help you move faster to a new employer.
  3. Watch a lot! Just at the beginning it is important that you observe a lot. This way, you'll find out who really has the say, how the tone and how habitus is to customers. You'll also find out if there are any rules you should stick to.
  4. Your new colleagues - The first day. Welcome all colleagues on the first day, turned to a firm handshake. Sit or sit down to them and talk. It is a mixture of material and small talk. Private things you do not have to completely exclude, but not too much and not too deep.
  5. Celebrate your debut! Look what is common in your new company. In any case, you should not start at the beginning. I recommend to wait a bit to get to know the practices of your new department. You can also ask what is customary and when it suits best.
  6. Do a guidebook! Keep a journal of the first 100 days. Sit down in the evening, arrange your thoughts, write down impressions and write down questions or a to-do list. When writing down positive impressions and small initial difficulties that you write down the balance should be.
  7. Get feedback in time! Feedback is important to you! The more the better! At the latest after the first six weeks, a feedback call should be made. Always ask what you can do better. Thank you for your criticism and see it not as an attack, but as an opportunity to optimize things. If you can not cope with something, talk to them.

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